Bogardus Plaza will get a food/beverage kiosk

The Friends of Bogardus Plaza are wrapping up negotiations now with a (local, I think!) operator for a kiosk for the south corner of the plaza, between the clock and the seating area. An outline of the footprint is taped there now; the kiosk should be open by late summer/early fall.

The Department of Transportation has created a prototype that will be used here and eventually throughout the city — this is its first siting. It’s a stainless steel cube (9 x 12 x 10) that has louvered doors that flip up when it’s in use during the day, and allow light to filter through at night so it is not a big dark monolith when it is not in use. (I’ll miss the expansive view up West Broadway that the plaza has created, but I’m sure this will be a nice addition.)

The design is from Chelsea firm Billings Jackson Design and it has been approved by both the Public Design Commission and the Landmarks Commission so the structure can stay on the plaza year round.

The kiosk will provide food and bev as well as revenue for the plaza, which is maintained by the Friends.

More TK when it opens.



  1. Good. Makes for an engaging plaza. Brings more life back to the part of Tribeca that serves the office and working communities near us

  2. I wish Bogardus Plaza would also get some more plants.

  3. Really? is that the best design they could come up with? what a beautiful addition, it flows perfectly with all the new port-a-potty like design we have in the streets of tribeca for outdoor dinning. I love the idea of all that outdoor space that will stay forever on our streets after the pandemic is long gone. Why not use this opportunity to try and make our streets cleaner and a bit more beautiful. Downtown is dirty and disgusting.

  4. I wonder how our restaurants feel about this. Also the food carts which are a part of the city and we shouldn’t push them out anymore than they have in spots. Oy vey…we need these type A’ers to work toward some real change not this little additions.

  5. I can see this taking away business from Morgans Market (maybe). I hope it is simple basic general beverages and snacks. Not a cuisine themed cart. I too will miss that expansive view but hopefully this addition is nice and can see it giving it more of an enclosed space feel.. Also, more plants and flowers definitely, please.

  6. london, paris, lima, bogota- most metropolitan cities offer some kind of kiosk with a food/beverage offering in their public spaces; seems civilized.