Citizen dog police harassing neighbors again — with bile

A couple years ago, two “Concerned Dog Parents” wrote that a woman brandishing a rolled newspaper chased them out of Liberty Park. Now, it turns out that dogs are not allowed in Liberty Park, which follows the 9/11 Memorial rules, but the woman in question has become her own story. That post elicited several comments about her, and more recently several Fidi residents have taken to social media to complain about her antics and Eyewitness News picked up the story.

(I tried to avoid posting something again since the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but many comments and emails later I felt obliged.)

Maria Ho-Burge, who has a salon on Beekman Street and who posts on Instagram as, published bystander videos catching the woman at it a couple times recently.

Video of the most recent incident shows Fidi resident Andy Yang walking his dog without a leash along the East River promenade just north of the Battery Maritime Building (dogs are not allowed to be off leash in New York City, except in some city parks after 9p till closing and before the hour of 9a). The woman — whom Eyewitness News calls a 58-year-old anesthesiologist — steps into the roadway and lures the cockapoo into traffic on the FDR Drive before his owner calls him back. And a few days before that, she spit on a woman for walking her dog on the Rockefeller Park lawn. (Dogs are not allowed on the lawns.)

In both cases, the woman tells them to “go back to your country,” but she’s been known to verbally assault white people as well.

I know some commenters here know her name but it has not come out in any posts or comments. The NYPD is investigating the incidents as hate crimes.


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  1. The racism is completely unwarranted and despicable
    Like a retro female Archie Bunker

    However despite the messenger, I do agree that it is important for dog owners to follow the law and keep their dogs on the leash when required – not only for the safety of others but more importantly for the safety of their own pets as well.

    Lots of loud noises and distractions in NYC and I can only imagine the unnecessary grief that would be caused if a pet was run over simply because it was not on a leash.

  2. The racism is disgusting and I’m glad the police are investigating.

    I also agree that people should keep their dogs on leashes, pick up their waste, and not allow their dogs to relieve themselves in places that are not permitted (and lawns that people picnic and kids play, no less). Too bad the woman has to lose the message in her hate and racism…

    • Had she attempted to lure my little dog into the street..I would be in jail..and she would think twice about doing something like that again.

  3. Dog owners need to follow the law. Period.

    Bicyclists need to follow the law. Period.

    Drivers need to follow the law. Period.

    • And the mentioned infractions above merit someone using racist language? and trying to kill someone’s dog? I think not. I have had dogs all my life and I agree with the rules. But the person referenced in this article should be arrested for hate crimes and aggravated assault. And likely greater offenses.

      • “mentioned infractions above ” meaning the dogs off leash etc dont merit the response from this woman. She should be in jail

    • Racists need to follow the law. Period. Hate speech harassment and criminal animal endangerment are against the law. I agree the dogs need to be leashed and dog walking laws need to be followed. But this woman, whose name is known and I really hope she loses her job over her racism, is taking it upon herself to be judge, jury and executioner and she does not have any of those rights. Hate speech is against the law.

  4. Clearly she is angry about the people not following the dog laws. It would upset me too. I am all for bending rules when it doesn’t impact others. But when you break rules that others follow for the benefit of all, that bothers me too. But there’s no excuse for how she handled it with her racist language and actions.

  5. while the dog leash laws are important and no doubt valid, (for the dogs safety as well), this woman should not be excused at all. I am still in shock that she tried to coax a dog onto the FDR. I cannot imagine the horror of that –

    Give tickets to those that break leash laws, but give her jail time for hate crimes and aggravated assault. Attacking someone’s dog can in certain circumstances be considered attacking a person. No place in our city for this

  6. As a dog owner agree with everyone leash rule should apply, it benefits everyone. That’s a separate issue.
    This woman is has been harassing people for years, and not just dog owners. She is clearly ill.
    Racial slurs, spitting at someone??!!! She should be arrested for a hate crime and I hope her employers see this.
    This is a woman who has a very important job and is clearly unhinged.

  7. Please don’t blame Queens. I was raised there and it’s a magnificent borough.

    The woman doesn’t need jail, she needs psychological help. Not sure this kind of attention is that.

  8. Why assume she needs psychological help? Some people are just bad people, period. I have zero sympathy for this woman after a brief google search (Dr. Jeanne E. Moore) and seeing all of her horrifying behavior. She is somehow a medical doctor, which to me, is the most horrifying thing of all.

  9. What an (unfortunate) surprise to hear about this in 2021. Good riddance.

    My wife and I encountered her outside the St. Nicholas Shrine, shortly after the park’s opening in late 2019. We were cutting through with our recently-adopted dog and had a similar altercation. Brandishing her newspaper and all!

    Our dog was leashed, but given the poor signage and nascent park, weren’t aware that we weren’t allowed to cut through the park with our dogs (FWIW, after the incident, Pam C contacted the Port Authority on our behalf to clarify the pet policy).

  10. I had an encounter with this woman today during the nor’easter. On an open public sidewalk she came over with a shovel like she was going to shovel my dog who was sniffing a light post. Nothing we were doing was illegal. My dog was leashed. I had exited my building as we are instructed to for walking dogs. The sidewalk was wide open for her to shovel anywhere (which one would think it’s a liability for a resident to shovel the sidewalk but what do I know) and yet she chose to come over and be aggressive, intimidating and bullying. Additionally she made several other residents I talked to who were walking their dogs this morning feel uncomfortable. It was brought to my attention
    (though this bit is gleaned secondhand so unverified) that she hit a resident’s dog with her shovel last winter. And in talking to a neighbor I was told she was “hissed at” about her perfectly calm leashed dog being in the elevator. Where it’s allowed to be. It’s sad because she clearly has issues and needs help. But unprovoked aggression towards animals is concerning. And now that I know more about her I will always have my video camera handy when I see her.

  11. Just FYI if you are walking a dog in Tribeca/Battery Park this woman is still out there. This morning I was picking up after my dog and she can screaming at me in front of Brookfield that it was private property and I should be arrested.

  12. Great to see that “New York’s Finest” can’t do anything about this cancerous POS. With all the video evidence and comments as to her still harassing folks as of a week ago, it’s only a matter of time before someone defends themselves or their pet. I can only hope that there’s video of her comeuppance.