In the News: Art in General will close here after 34 years

Art in General, the non-profit gallery dedicated to providing artists with space, funding and other resources, will leave its Tribeca space at 79 Walker after 34 years, Artnet reports. The non-profit does not yet have a new home. The gallery is on the fourth and sixth floors of the building owned by General Tools, which will also be moving.

I’ve tried to get more details on this but HSBC’s response was “no comment.” So just putting this on the radar for now. HSBC has sold its branches to Citizen’s Bank, and I believe will be closing the branch at Reade and Hudson/West Broadway. More TK. The Journal reports: “HSBC said it will retain around two dozen locations, which will become international wealth centers providing banking and wealth-management services to high-net-worth clients. A spokeswoman said these centers would be in cities such as New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and Miami.”

Eater added Frenchette”s egg tart and vegan Black Forest viennois to its list of best pastries in the city: “The spelt imparts the tart with a gentle sweetness, while the kale exhibits a level of umami-laced roundness so intense it’s as if the kitchen marinated the brassica in a solution of MSG and parmesan. The jammy egg, its yolk as golden as a summer apricot, jacks up the richness factor even further….For the Black Forest viennois, Frenchette deploys avocado butter and oat milk to keep the bread vegan. The log-shaped pastry is among the least saccharine chocolate confections one might encounter in the city; cocoa gives the milk bread a handsome, pumpernickel-sheen, while bits of candied cherry deliver strategic doses of sugar and acid.”

amNY reports that a “Yonkers man faces attempted murder charges for a horrific hatchet attack on a 50-year-old man at a Financial District ATM on Sunday afternoon. Police said Aaron Garcia, 37, was picked up by 10th Precinct officers on Tuesday night after he allegedly went on another violent rampage — taking a hammer to several car windows and mirrors, and even a restaurant, in Chelsea.” The Post has photos of the attack, if you have to look. The victim is in stable condition. The suspect is an Army vet.



  1. Re HSBC: after two visits about a month apart, neither the VP/senior bank mgr or the assistant VP had answers to a number of my questions, including what happens to direct deposits into and bills automatically paid out of our current HSBC checking accounts (paychecks, pensions, social security, etc). You can go in and find out if your account is “tagged” to transfer over to Citizens. And both times I was told that Citizens is going to retain the physical branch space at Reade Street. The best they could offer as far as my many questions was that once all the official regulations are dealt with (they think 1st quarter 2022), a 90 day notice will be sent to all customers, and all will be revealed…supposedly. In the past, when Crossland Savings became something else and then HSBC took over the accounts, I do remember the checking accounts being transferred from one to the other by the banks themselves.. Hopefully this transition will happen seamlessly. Fingers crossed.

  2. I am very distressed about the HSBC news. I have been banking there for longer than I can remember. I hope all of the wonderful tellers who have been so helpful and friendly will keep their jobs. I will probably be moving to another bank. There is also the issue of the safe deposit boxes. HSBC in Tribeca is one of the few banks that has them.

  3. Re safe deposit boxes — the Chase on Broadway and Murray has them (in the basement), though I have no idea if any are available.

  4. There used to be 3 branches in walking distance downtown (City Hall area), including a very large branch on Broadway by Wall Street. Then they moved across the street to a smaller branch, then I think moved to the next block. There used to be one across from City Hall Park (the worst branch!). You could get there at 8:30 when they open, and still wait 15 minutes for a teller. My mother got a letter from them about the change but in Queens there is no Citizen Bank. She’s closing her accounts.