The Perelman PAC has topped out and interior construction has begun

The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center — thankfully shortened to The Perelman by their team, though maybe its eventual street name will be the PAC? — topped off in late June, and they are now starting to work on the interiors. I have the latest renderings below, as well as shots I’ve gathered over the past months, including some from 7 WTC.

The building was designed by REX with Joshua Ramus as design architect, and the interiors were designed by the Rockwell Group, all thanks to a $75 million donation from billionaire banker Ronald Perelman and $100 million from HUD via the LMDC. The building, 129,000 square feet, will have three theater spaces that can be configured in multiple ways for 99 to 1,200 people. The lobby bar, café, terrace and lobby stage will be open to the public. (There’s a video at the bottom that shows how the theaters can be arranged.)

The façade gets that look because it will be wrapped in translucent marble from Portugal laminated with insulated glass. (OMG) During the day, sunlight will shine through, illuminating PAC’s interior. At night it glows from within.

The PAC will open in 2023, though they have no released an exact date.

However they did host their first performance: cellist Eleanor Norton and violinist Gregory Harrington performed at lunchtime for workers onsite last week — doing an awesome performance of U2’s “With or Without You.” It’s a goosebump-inducing performance — give it a watch below.



  1. The eventual street name has to be the ice cube, or maybe just the cube?

    • Right! Will probably end up just being “The Cube”.
      It can’t be “The Box” since there’s already a venue in NYC with that name.

  2. This thing is going to be so much better than the underutilized mediocrity of the Shed at Hudson Yards. I am confident that the board members on this center will be successful in bringing in serious, established NYC and national talent to perform in this space, and the visual design once this building is cladded will be stunning. Someday in the future this may be an iconic theater to stand alongside NY’s preeminent arts venues.

  3. Fan of The Shed here. No need to pit two billionaires’ pet projects against one another.

  4. I love it. Looking forward to shows and events here.
    Agreed that they should bring established talents, but I also hope they will use this venue as a place to introduce and showcase new and unknown talent.

  5. Perelman programmers, if you’re listening: high-quality, New Victory-level family programming would make a killing here.

  6. This is wonderful news to read. I worked for the organization for a few years leading up to acquiring that essential kickstarting naming gift from Mr. Perelman. Sadly, all the original staff who worked so hard to get things moving back then have moved on to other projects, but it should always be acknowledged how much Maggie Boepple and David Langford contributed to nurturing this project in its early days, as well as Lucy Sexton, Jenny Gersten, and David Lan.

  7. Or maybe shorten it to the PP…

    Beautiful music.

  8. Outstanding project! Can you imagine seeing one of Jackson Pollocks most beautiful works on view here. I can😎

  9. The “P” Pac.