Made in Tribeca: Canine fashion born at Ladder 8

I couldn’t help but spot Luna as I walked by Hook and Ladder 8 a few months ago, and the ensuing discussion was largely about her neckerchief. Turns out her owner, Firefighter Boris Jairala, crafted it himself out of recycled leather, and it was such a hit among other dog owners that he now makes them for sale on Etsy at his TuffLeathers shop — the pet accessories are called TuffPaws.

It all started because ne needed to improvise a facepiece shield — a piece of leather that would protect the shield from scratches and nicks, but that would be easy to pull off in, well, an emergency, versus other shields that used straps or buckles. The one he made has four powerful magnets to keep it in place, but the firefighter can still rip it off quickly. When everyone else wanted one, he started the Etsy shop and added a customization option. (“Great gift for the firefighter in your life,” he notes on the site.)

So back to Luna. “I always had her in bandanas, so I made one with the scrap leather from the shields,” Jairala said. “She got a lot of compliments.”

He made the prototype at the firehouse, and now cranks out the orders in Brooklyn. He also has canvas versions, and all have little pendants for a clasp instead of a knot — you can order a floral, skull, swirl or star pattern on the pendant, and the bandanas are custom made to the dog’s neck size in a bunch of colors.

As for Luna, she doesn’t get in the truck, but she greets guests at the firehouse door — properly accessorized, of course.