Maud Maron will run as an independent for City Council

The fall election for City Council District 1 will have three candidates on the ballot: Christopher Marte as the Democrat, Jacqueline Toboroff as the Republican (she is the sole Republican so there was no primary) and now Soho resident Maud Maron, who ran against Marte in the June 22 primary and will run in November as an Independent.

Marte was the winner by a big margin in the Democratic primary held June 22, with 60 percent of the vote after the final tally in this year’s ranked choice voting process. Maron was in fourth place before she was eliminated in Round 6, with a bit more than 12 percent of the vote — 2500 votes total. Jenny Low finished second with 40 percent of the vote, and Gigi Li was in third, with 24 percent before she was eliminated in Round 7. (See all the figures in the chart below.)

When we get closer to the election, I will again run profiles on the three candidates.

The election will be Tuesday, Nov. 2, and once again we will have early voting, this time starting Oct. 23. Check here for your site in a week or so, when they have the site updated.




  1. maude has a great platform but she was totally outhustled by marte. hope she can up her game as independent

  2. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, but Maud is the Independent person we need in the City Council. She’s got the guts, the smarts, and the common sense that is often lacking in NYC government.

    • You sound like an opinion piece in the NY Times

      • And you sound a bit like a troll. The writer stated his opinion. You are entitled to your own. He thinks Maud is a good choice.

        I think Chris Marte isn’t a great choice among other things because he believes all of our crime spike is due to Covid economic instability. But Rape and other Sex Crimes have zero economic basis, and according to COMPSTAT have been rising. He also believes we should not build the new borough jail project and we should also close Rikers. You can do one or the other, but it is an absolute disaster to do both. The existing borough jails are already closed. It is a delusional fantasy to think we will not have crime or criminals needing to be separated from society, they need to go someplace.

        I do wish Maud was more clear on her mask issue regarding children. I am inclined to disagree with her on what I think (but do not know) she believes. She is not anti-mask for adults.

  3. Marte a nice guy but big disappointment. He don’t care about crime homelessness. Just about defunding the police. So yes Maud! Sorry I don’t want to live in an unsafe city which will be the next Cali and I am a Democrat. Doesn’t matter what party we are anymore it matters about our city and the safety. Bail reform must end and now.

  4. She still “champion of open schools, unmasked kids” as her twitter bio describes?

  5. Maud is a joke hence why she did so poorly. My guess is that she splits votes with the Republican candidate and gets less than 10%.

  6. some rather have our city filled with crime than vote for an independent. Very sad. Just look with this Mayor has done. Time for a change. Don’t care what party she’s from. Criminals have more rights than us right now. Give me a break

  7. This one person keeps slugging woman and throwing them on train tracks yet keeps getting released due to bail reform
    He literally was biting a deaf woman

    This is insane
    10am at Union Station 4/5/6
    This is in the morning
    When is he stopped? When a woman is run over by a train
    27 arrests

    I don’t want to be political but this is crazy
    I don’t think Adams is tough on crime
    I want the guardian angel guy only because of crime

  8. Maud Maron deals only in fear-mongering and hate-spewing. She is anti-Democracy, anti-trans, anti-black, and anti-anyone who isn’t wealthy, white, and heterosexual. When someone tells you who they are, listen:


    I completely agree with Veronika. Maud is scary. Check out this tweet from the Black members of the Legal Aid Society. I believe them.

    Please read the piece that Veronika posted above and make the decision for yourself if you agree with her platform. I know that I do not! Her world is not a world in which I want to live and I do not feel is the safe for the beautiful diversity we have in our city.

    She only got 12% of the votes… I guess this proves that Veronika and I are not alone in our views of this.