Tiny’s (no relation) Gumbo Bar coming to 275 Church

A full-service Cajun Creole restaurant is coming to the former Da Mikele pizza place at 275 Church between White and Franklin — CB1 granted them a liquor license in July (though P. sent a pic of the notice below, which is odd). Called Tiny’s Gumbo Bar, the restaurant will feature a large granite slab between the front of house and the kitchen that will be lined with nine historic steam pails — the restaurant’s specialties will be served from those at the table side of the bar. UPDATE: The restaurant is now called File Gumbo Bar.

NB: This is not to be confused with Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs on West Broadway nor Two Tony’s, in New Orleans.

The menu will be limited — gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee — but authentic. The chef/co-owner said he will pick up the weekly haul at LaGuardia, where it will land from Nola. “Everything we make is very unique and most of the ingredients — sausage, crawfish — will be shipped in.” He said it would be about $40 a head for food — but don’t hold me to it since the audio was not great.

The plan is to be open from 9a till midnight, with coffee and beignet service in the morning and lunch and dinner through the afternoon and evening. There will be 62 seats and some bar service. They will eventually apply for a sidewalk café.

More TK when they get closer to opening.



  1. This is a super-exciting addition to the area! Very excited for authentic Louisiana cuisine!

  2. It’s called Filé gumbo bar


    • Interesting! That’s not what was on the application at the CB1 meeting — the committee had a whole discussion about it!

  3. Sad Da Mikele left, but this looks amazing! I adore beignets!

  4. Pam, checked it out yesterday and the sign definitely says Filé despite the application being for Tiny’s. This from their website “ The centerpiece of our menu is Tiny’s Gumbo™, inspired by the owner’s grandfather, Aubrey “Tiny” Gaines (who was anything but). Tiny had a larger-than-life presence, and believed there was nothing better than shellfish and spice.” Curious to see if they put up outdoor seating next to Shigure (which we visit weekly). pB