New Kid on the Block: Daily Goods

Fidi resident JD Methfessel has a daily morning routine: a 5-mile run and a smoothie. So after he left his full-time job in finance to help out his pal Nick Stone open Bluestone Lanes here in the US, his first thought for his own venture was a smoothie shop. He named it Daily Goods, in a nod to his routine, and partnered with a nutritionist to make sure he got the recipes right.

The first shop opened in 2019 on John Street and the latest is on Chambers, just west of Broadway — his fourth in the local chain. Three more are in the pipeline for the next months. (This will be a good replacement for Jamba, which I still miss — not just for a good kids bday party catering option but for the lovely manager who used to run the place.)

Daily Goods Tribeca had its soft opening last Friday and opened today officially. Hours will be a work in progress, but figure on 8a to 4p for now. They offer breakfast bowls (oats, chia, sweet potato, egg and avocado), smoothies (acai, coffee, pb&j, berries and cream) and lunch salads (chicken, cobb, watermelon feta, vegan kale). More on the menu when I can stop by to try it out. Smoothies are $11 to $13 and bowls start at $13.

“I think this what consumers want — something quick and easy,” Methfessel said, when describing a covid perk: a last-minute redesign that added a takeaway window so clients can order on the app in advance, grab and go. “We started this pre-pandemic, but now the health and wellness trend is even stronger.”

Methfessel, 32, was at first just an investor in Bluestone Lane when Stone was getting the coffee shop off the ground here in 2013. He then became a silent partner — he still is — before he decided to take the leap and get this started. The Fidi shop is at 116 John, and there’s also Chelsea Market. On deck: Urban Space, 11 Madison and Zero Irving. Stay tuned for more details.

Daily Goods
86 Chambers | Broadway & Church