Seen & Heard: Images from around the neighborhood

A group of local residents laid several wreaths at the memorial on Saturday in honor of the downtown community and the losses it suffered that day. Thanks to Lena Lalvani for the photos above.

After the service had ended, the memorial pools were packed Saturday night — and the activity continued into Sunday. There were packs of motorcycles roaming the streets all Saturday night — that’s been a theme for the past 20 years, but they seemed to be especially active this year. There was also an odd gathering of hundreds of Porsches on Hubert: 911s on 9/11. Some car owners said it was a fundraiser, but for whom or what I couldn’t tell. They said they traveled as a caravan starting early in the morning in Jersey and driving around the Trade Center till they landed on Hubert for the duration.

Then on Sunday, the trade unions gathered for a remembrance march, with speakers Brian Cranston and Rosie Perez.


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  1. Trump motorcyclists had free passage over West Side highway a few times this weekend. Cops shut it down. Yesterday afternoon is one example.