Seen & Heard: Some retail coming back to life?

Modell’s has been converted to an office space. I. sent a heads-up and when I knocked on the door, they wouldn’t tell me who or what it was for — just that it’s an office (duh). It’s set up with desks and tables.

Healthynest, the baby supply store, looks like it is making progress on Warren, between Broadway and Church. They hope to open late September or early October

The BPCA will host Laughter in the Park, a free comedy performance, on Sunday, Sept. 19, from 2 to 4p at Wagner Park. This Sunday’s line-up features comedian, producer, author, Emmy, WGA & Peabody Winner Josh Gondelman along with Vlad Caamono, Ophira Eisenberg, Franqi French and Seth Herzog. RSVP here.

N. sent this photo from the 1st Precinct’s community day to honor the neighborhood and 9/11, which took place last week. And on the morning of Sept. 11th at the Hook and Ladder 8, her husband heard someone singing “La Marseillaise” and looked out the window to see a group of firefighters from France, commemorating the day and paying tribute to our firemen.



  1. Has anyone else been having mailbox break-ins in their buildings? We’re on Chambers, 5-story building, and twice in the last week someone has gained entry and opened up all the mailboxes.
    Our mail-delivery woman says it’s been happening all over Tribeca. Apparently the thief obtained a key that opens up the outdoor safe/boxes that contain building entry keys, and somehow also a key that flips down all the mailboxes.
    I’m out of town and have been unable to reach anyone at the Church Street Post Office on their always-busy phone line, so I have no idea what is being done on their end to fix things.Does anyone out there have any useful info?

    • Aside from the criminal investigations this would require of the post office/police, I can suggest one thing, having myself been hit with mail theft: if you still receve any mail regularly that contains account numbers of any sort (credit card, phone bill, bank, etc), change them now. Check your SS# too, if that applies. These things are the real treasure, because they can be re-sold by the thief, some of them many times.

    • A friend who lives near Union Square had outgoing mail stolen from the mail slot in her building. The post office told her there had been lots of similar thefts in her zip code and they were working with the police.

  2. A neighbor spoke to the mail delivery person on Duane and was told no problems in that zone. Apparently north of Chambers is serviced by Canal St post office, and Church St. P.O. does Chambers and south. Chambers St. mail woman says a lot of problems in her zone.

  3. Hi, this is also happening to us. My husband and I also live on Chambers in 5-story building no doorman. We spoke to mail delivery woman on August 4th who said pretty much the same, something along the lines of ‘someone has access to your mailboxes, may have a key somehow.’
    Packages stolen over the past year, and We raised this issue to our landlord who installed video intercom.
    It had gotten much worse lately and that’s when we spoke to mail delivery woman. Our landlord is now looking into installing surveillance cameras.
    My friend lives in Prospect Heights and similar thing happened a week ago in her building: ‘there was a break into the building last night, packages were stolen. The perpetrator broke off the postal lock in front of the building, got into it and currently has a possession of your front door key. Because of this we are changing locks on front door’
    We are also trying to contact USPS and police. Also recommended to us to contact Devashish Srivastava in office of congressman Jerrold Nadler.

  4. I am Jeff Ehrlich’s neighbor. I have been waiting for our postwoman every day so that mail is not left in our boxes. I went to Church St USPS today, and they are aware of the problem, and the Postal Inspectors are ‘on it.’ If you need to communicate with someone, try to get to the Postal Inspectors, because the PO doesn’t answer the phone. The problem is that the thief now has the key to the front door as well as to the lockbox where the key is kept, so there is no point in changing the building front door lock. Our interior mailboxes are left open after the thief has been at them, and Jeff opines that he/she doesn’t want to take the time to pick the lock so the tongue is closed. There is a USPS program called ‘informed delivery,’ where then email a picture of all your incoming mail. This might be the only solution to having somebody in possession of your credit card bill. I have used this program, and it works.

  5. There’s a lot of action going on, on Chambers. The old subways the old Mexican restaurant, etc. now that the schools are back does anyone know what’s going on at these retail space. Also the old DC37 building.
    Regarding the mail I highly suggest to convert getting your back statements and SS stuff and anything that can expose you to identity theft to electronic form and. I more mail.

  6. we are on church and duane and have had packages stolen from our lobby for years but recently 20 packages or so have been stolen…Def a sting operation here where they ring the bell and stupid tenants let them in. I personally think its the deadbeat amazon delivery workers dropping off and then telling someone. its funny that we have cameras in our lobby and outside and they dont work so cant even check who is stealing. They ripped open my boxes and left empty right in lobby. Not only that I pay shipping for the Lazy Post Office, UPS, Fed Ex , etc and they are so damn lazy and not doing their job by bringing up the packages to our apt doors. I dont live in the lobby and its not a drop ship company. i have fought with them for years and talked to every CEO and they agree with me and say they will fix it and never gets fixed. some of these packages are huge and heavy as heck and not only do they pile up in front of the mailbox and we can get out mail it has become a fire hazard. I have told bldg owners who own literally 200 bldgs in ny and the boroughs as well as 40 bldgs in tribeca a soho and they have not been so proactive.
    I am not wrong and i could care less what you think but these delivery people are the worst and should be trained by their billion dollar companies and lazy management to deliver packages to the fron door of my apt. the deadbeat supervisor at the post office said they should be delivering to our apt doors and said we will tell them….been saying that but nothing is ever done. I would be more than happy to get the press involved and have them do a story on this as its frustrating and i shouldnt have to waste time like this telling everyone as i have better things to do. But if they do their damn job then i wouln d thave to wawste time calling the companies to get the packages re-delivered. totally unacceptable and if you really want to know how i really feel would be more than happy to talk to anyone including a local papaer that should do a story and have “shame on you” pick it up for a story. sorry i hi-jacked this post with theft even though its along the same lines as breaking into your mailboxes and stealing mail.