In the News: More dissing on Downtown

The Times once again tries to get a grip on the vibe downtown, though in this case, I don’t disagree with some of ways the World Trade Center is managed (and more on that later): “But the whole trade center site still feels like an alien zone, cordoned off by security, with office buildings around a park whose design and policing tend to thwart joy, or even the eating of a sandwich at lunchtime. The 9/11 Memorial & Museum, with its vocabulary of voids and negative spaces, attracts hordes of tourists, but seems more suited to the Washington Mall than to downtown Manhattan.”

YIMBY found a rendering for 15 Beekman, the 27-story academic center and dormitory for Pace University being developed by SL Green Realty. The building will be 338 feet and will also have the address 126-132 Nassau. It is intended to hold classrooms, dorms, a dining facility, a library and a learning center.

The Times gives a shout-out to Soho Rep on Walker and its new initiative to pay artists like staff: “When performances return to the Lower Manhattan space for the company’s 46th season in September, it will be alongside the second year of a new initiative: Soho Rep Project Number One, a job creation program developed in response to the pandemic that brings artists into the organization as salaried staff members with benefits.”


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  1. I personally can’t stand that we have the chains that rap the Memorial from 730 pm till 8 am every day.
    This is the worst of it. the evening is always the most tranquil of times and this is when they lock it all down.
    It subconsciously makes the whole thing unfriendly, or consciously.

    They say for maintenance and cleaning.