Upscale Mexican coming to Tutto il Giorno space

It does seem like there’s a rush of restaurants filling in some of the voids that the pandemic left, and while we are still in the red, it’s refreshing. What the new owners all say is there are deals to be had, and if you can lock into a good lease, there’s opportunity to take a risk that we have not seen in decades.

I’ll do a tally soon, but in the meantime here is Casa Carmen, an upscale yet casual (their words) Mexican restaurant taking over the liquor license of Tutto il Giorno space at 114 Franklin.

The owners said they had 148 years of experience in the family, and by that I have to assume they compiled all their years in the business — though I like the idea of a sixth generation restaurant. They said they have restaurants scattered across Mexico City, and I am assuming this is their first in the states.

The interior will be designed as a “tasteful Mexican home,” with 25 tables and 100 seats. The bar will have 12 seats and the plan is to have 24 seats in the curb.

No word yet on the schedule.


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  1. This should be pretty amazing coming from the owners.