Where in Tribeca?

It’s back! (That was a brief hiatus!)

Thanks to E. who spotted (or left??) these handcuffs somewhere in the neighborhood. Where are they?

….And Robert Ripps knew where: Leonard between Hudson and West Broadway. Turns out they are a true fixture on the block.



  1. Leonard Street, around the corner east from Hudson.

  2. I was wondering where I left them. :)

  3. I agree with Robert, Ive seen them in the background of Taylor’s paparazzi shots as she’s going into her building.

  4. Leonard street. Been there for over 15 years

  5. We know the where….now we want to know the WHY!!!

  6. Leonard Street between Hudson and Varick, North side of street

  7. The amazing thing is that they’ve been since at least 2007, when I first moved to Leonard St.