Art in Tribeca: XO World at the World Trade Center

A monumental sculpture called XO World and intended to celebrate World Peace Day (Sept. 21) has been installed at the World Trade Center, and its companion piece, XO Play, is inside at the Oculus. The work is part of a project called “Share the Love” created by artist Daniel Anderson and in this case, funded by Anita Durst of the Durst Organization and her organization Chashama, which partners with property owners to transform unused real estate into gallery and studio spaces for artists.

J. and C. spotted it first two weeks ago and it took me this long to figure out who installed it and why.

XO World will be on display for a minimum of two years and XO Play will travel to other venues throughout Manhattan.

The sculptures aim to promote equality, unity, peace and love through the message of play and the open minds of children. XO World is 12 feet high and 24 feet long and inspired by the game of jacks, which is played by many cultures worldwide and dates to approximately 2,000 years ago. The “X” with crossed arms attached to the spoke represents love in universal sign language (though I thought they were fists hitting the ground, which is an entirely different message) and the “O” is the globe.

“My inspiration for these sculptures came from children and their open acceptance of others,” Anderson said. “A child’s mind and heart
are free of prejudice regardless of race, gender, or religion, which is how we should all strive to be.”

XO World Project, which Anderson started in 2017, plans to install both sculptures in Paris in 2022, and in London, Hong Kong, Moscow and Dubai.


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