142 Watts is finished and for sale

The former commercial building at 142 Watts at Washington is finally complete and is now for sale as a single family mansion for $28.5 million. Holy cow. The Wall Street Journal has photos of the interior which is nothing (IMO) compared to the exterior. It’s an amazing transformation. Just scroll down.

The new house is 6750 square feet and six stories — developed by Cathleen Ihasz and her sister Nicole. They bought it four years ago for $9 million; it was last purchased in 1987 by Albert Capsouto, whose namesake park is around the corner in the wedge between Canal and Laight. Capsouto — a longtime local restaurant owner and neighborhood advocate who served on CB1 —  bought the building with a mortgage of $320,000.

“At the time it was very rundown, it was apartments and offices,” Ms. Ihasz told the WSJ. “We had an opportunity to knock it all down and create an entirely new building and we decided not to do that. I love the neighbourhood and I wanted to keep it as authentic as possible.”

Their transformation took two years.




  1. Albert Capsuoto, a friend and neighborhood pioneer, passed away at a young age long before 142 Watts Street was sold. The seller was Jacques Capsuoto, Albert’s older brother.