Thefts of lockboxes are the latest petty crime epidemic

After JeffE posted a comment two weeks ago about mailbox break-ins in his building on Chambers, folks in comments chimed in and I received several emails about the same. And then my own mail carrier let our building know that our lockbox had been tampered with. That lockbox contains a key that gives the mail carriers access not just to the mailboxes, but to the building itself. And, he added, three other buildings on Warren and one on Murray had their lockboxes pried open or outright stripped off the building.

From JeffE: “Twice in the last week someone has gained entry and opened up all the mailboxes. Our mail-delivery woman says it’s been happening all over Tribeca. Apparently the thief obtained a key that opens up the outdoor safe/boxes that contain building entry keys, and somehow also a key that flips down all the mailboxes.”

Another resident on Murray (a different address than the one above) reported that the USPS lock box on the outside of her building had been vandalized in August, and keys to the mailboxes and all the cylinders on her building had to be replaced.

And there have been reports of theft in buildings (our building had a rash of them until we all got more vigilant about buzzing people in) which of course is connected in some cases to the lockbox thefts.

The USPS’ local postal inspector said the best thing to do is to report it to their hotline so they can investigate and make arrests if possible: 877-876-2455.

However, if the goal is to find a solution, then she said the conversation has to take place between the post office and the building management.



  1. Seems like all I get in the mail anymore are bills, catalogs and junk mail. The thieves can have it all. But on a serious note, with technology being what it is today, it would seem the USPS could come up with something more secure than physical keys.

  2. Ours on 122 duane gets hit all the time. Caught post office management in a lie twice. Keep in mind we r paying customers ans regardless of the mail getting stolen packages are stolen daily on our bldg. More than happy to talk to u guys as the supervisors came to my bldg and met with me last week. The bs lies to their customers is not acceptable. Bring our packages up to our apts. I dont live in the 25sqft lobby and sick of wasting my time filling out reports about missing paxkages

  3. 99 Reade was also raided by the same process and packages stolen from the lobby.

  4. I know of at least 2 more on street near Murray within last week.
    Police have video footage in at least one case, if not more.