Seen & Heard: Tour the Pier 26 tide deck

There’s a rare chance to tour the tide deck — the metal walkway that descends underneath the elevated end of Pier 26 — on Wednesday, Oct. 13, 6p, with Hudson River Park staff. Register here. More info here.

A coalition of nearly 50 galleries will participate in a Tribeca Gallery Walk this Saturday, Oct. 9, from noon to 6. See the map here. 

House of Spirits has set up an adult haunted house, where people can Freely roam 60 Pine, set up through the month as a haunted mansion filled with “spirits” and magicians. There’s also a giant Ouija board, tarot readings, live music and of course, cocktails. Always a great read, see Tom Miller’s post on the building here. 

Does Chelsea Handler live here? (I never can track these sort of things.) Either way, she used our streets to promote her upcoming standup shows and had a cute video on her Instagram stories while sitting on a bench in front of IPN with her new beau, comedian Jo Koy.


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    • That is big news…

    • Caught up with a friend who works with JGV. While still in development, it looks like the new restaurant is going to be a giant palais de boeuf. Think of a steak house on steroids. JGV will have the seafood palace over in the Seaport and then the steak and meat kingdom here in Tribeca – “bookends” as my friend calls it. But, going to be steak JGV style and over the top cool.

      • Palace of beef? Really? Am I going to get sued by Jean Georges for this comment?

      • Sounds great, but hopefully it’s more well-rounded than your typical steakhouse (like Wolfgang’s and American Cut, each a mere block away). Even the ferocious carnivores among us can’t eat like that more than a handful of times per year. It needs variety so that locals can frequent it. That’s why Tribeca Grill is so great.

        Also, I know JGV is doing a seafood market in Seaport along with their restaurant. It’d be *amazing* if they had a butcher here somehow. That’s sorely needed in this part of town.

  1. So chelsea gets little island and high line, and we get an unattractive “tide deck” and a kid’s fish learning park? Lol tribeca needs to up its game

  2. Drew Nieporent is Tribeca. The Tribeca Grill has been a mainstay for decades, and I still love it. This is a shock.

    • No he is NOT Tribeca. He and his investors were the first wave gentrifiers. Been living here almost 40 yrs, never been to any of his Tri- restaurant, Tri-bakery or faux French restaurants. Seems like a nice enough guy though.

  3. Who refers to Robert DeNiro as the unofficial mayor of Tribeca? Perhaps someone who lived here between 1990-2002 and remembers seeing him around and longs for the good old days. Fact is, he wasn’t the unofficial mayor back then either, not if you ask actual Tribeca residents.