Seen & Heard: Action at Little Park

Word on the street is the restaurant in the Smyth Hotel will be open within three weeks if not sooner. Trying to glean more details now. I hope they aren’t doing much to that gorgeous interior, especially since we have to look at these nutty decals in the meantime.

Police officers told me they were doing a traffic stop on West Broadway and Warren to check cars to make sure drivers were wearing their seatbelts. What?? They also said there had been more accidents at that intersection lately. What again? So it’s some sort of sting maybe to look for unregistered vehicles? Whatever it is, it required about seven cars and a dozen officers.

The fitness studio The Ness, whose technique includes personal trampolines and super high energy workouts, has reopened their space on Broadway and Walker.

I am putting this down just to have it on the record: B & Co on Park Place never reopened after the pandemic began, and it looks like they are closed for good. (I have tried a couple times, and not gotten an official response.) Their catering business, however, is up and running. Find more intel on that here.



  1. NYPD. c’mon! you have GOT to be kidding me. there is “lord of the flies” gridlock traffic every saturday to get in the holland tunnel with not an officer in sight to direct cars. I suppose they are too busy sitting in front of le pain checking seatbelts (?)

    • I have tried repeatedly to contact traffic police Re Saturday traffic on Canal and have not gotten a response. It would appear they simply don’t work Saturdays. 1st Precinct said it wasn’t their problem. Horrible dangerous to cross street.

      • Yeah the traffic around the holland tunnel, canal, hudson, etc. is a disaster and extremely dangerous for pedestrians. It’s common to see families with strollers and children weaving through traffic in order to cross the street when they have the right of way.

        The city needs to have police not just directing traffic, but ticketing drivers who block the box and who honk for no reason (both are illegal). Better yet, install cameras and do it automatically.

  2. If you enjoy the sound of dozens and dozens of car drivers leaning endlessly on their horns, do visit Thomas St. on weekend late afternoons when it is clogged with Manhattan exiters trying to eventually turn on to Hudson St. on the way to the Holland Tunnel.

    Or try West Broadway any time of the day when it takes only one illegally parked delivery van to turn it into a one-lane street. The line of horn blowers goes north for blocks . . .

  3. Vehicle noise levels are out of control.

    Here’s an idea:
    “Manhattan Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Curb Loud Motor Vehicle Noise Using Surveillance Radar Technology”

    If you agree, then voice your support to your representatives.

  4. It seems that Little Park is still not open. Have you heard anything further?