This is getting depressing.

Our neighborhood’s storefront windows are becoming billboards, and in this case, they are also super ugly. (G. caught this shot as they put the decals up.) I feel for 1 Hudson — their commercial space has been empty since 2017. And I get these are terrible times for retail. But there has to be a better way to use our empty retail spaces than plaster them with ugly ads…

This one is for a new covid testing site on the north side of Chambers mid-block just west of the pizza place. The other is on Church and Leonard.

Maybe the only bright side is they won’t be there forever.



  1. Tribeca has high rents yet little foot traffic.

    • Exactly.

      The rents for these commercial spaces must re align so that they are able to be supported by customers and foot traffic else they will remain empty.

  2. Agree it’s sad, please help me re-open Cafe Clementine!

    I’m Josh Greenberg and both the landlord of 325 Greenwich Street and I also live in the building and have fallen in love with the neighborhood, you can find me everyday walking my Mini Aussie June around the block.

    Firstly just want to give my assurances that I dealt extremely personally and compassionately with the prior retail tenants. Unfortunately they were paying rents that were too low to even cover the mortgage and taxes on the property, the only reason the prior landlord was able to keep the rents so low was he had no mortgage and he was also as you saw spending zero dollars on the property and letting it fall apart. I’m spending hundreds of thousands to restore the beautiful facade to it’s turn of the century beauty. I assure you all I did everything I could for these prior tenants (including payments and free rent) to help out Sasha (cornerstone), Yvonne (dudleys), Frank (myoptics) and Donna (Tribeca Wines). Yvonne was especially hard for me as a dog owner and a dog lover, one of the hardest things I’ve hard to do in my 15 years in this business. I did my best though to handle gently and I would be surprised if any had bad words to say about my delicacy with the situation and what I did to help them.

    Anyways, we need your help now to get Cafe Clementine open! Their plans are 100% approved by DOB and then when we went to pull permit it was blocked by the NYC Loft Board of all agencies. Of course the building legalization has NOTHING to do with Clementine and it is an extremely long and arduous process sometimes taking up to 30 years, so coming out of this pandemic is just not the time or place for this. Please reach out to Kevin Schultz at the Loft Board and show your support for Rosa and Juan of Cafe Clementine:

    Please! We’re so close!

    Much love to this beautiful neighborhood and thank you all!


  3. Because nothing says “vital, energetic neighborhood” like brown paper and graffiti covered plywood. Do you have an idea about how the empty storefronts should be used? Or do you just want to complain about someone else not having an idea.