Citibank has opened its new HQ branch

Citi’s new bank branch is open — and open to the public. I feel a little bit like I am being manipulated by the 33rd largest company in the United States, and alas, so I am. Still, it’s great to have the lights on and this stretch of Greenwich activated again after being under wraps for so long.

So: it is a curious concept. At a time when we can do all of our banking on our cell phones in our living rooms, Citi has opened a block-long branch that is tricked out like a fancy hotel lobby. You don’t need an account there (branch manager Asmir Redzematovic promised! That’s him below and I know he would really love it if you stopped in and said hi. Really.) to use the seating, the wifi, the bathrooms, even the free coffee.

I am definitely taking my laptop for the occasional work retreat. You are not left to your own devices — there are lots of greeters and staff milling about (the cashiers look like they are behind a hotel front desk) — but they assured me that what they are calling the “Experience Center” is intended for community use.

The ATMs are there on the northside of the space, though not obvious from the window or even from the inside.

The space is also designed to be used for public events (think Tribeca Film Festival or community board meetings or Ted Talks) so it has lots of movable panels and screens. DanceBody, RealPilates and Rumble Boxing are doing free classes there this week. See the schedule here.

There’s also a wall of touch screen panels that allow you to use a mortgage calculator, read about Tribeca landmarks and for kids, there’s an app that lets you design your own cartoon money.

Citi did a couple focus groups to see how residents and employees would want to use the space; we’ll see if it’s adopted by the locals.



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  2. FYI- metal cards do not work in their atms. Hopefully they will be able to fix.