P.F. Chang’s To Go is coming to Chambers

The Asian restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s will open another outpost here, taking the space at 121 Chambers. The building goes through to 103 Reade, but the restaurant, which will be to-go only, is only on the Chambers side. (There was talk of adding extra floors to this building, but I don’t think it ever came to be. You can read Tom Miller’s post about the building here.)

The company was started in 1993 and specializes in wok cooking, dim sum and homemade sauces. There are more than 210 restaurants in the US and another 95 across the globe. The first NYC outlet landed in Fidi in late 2020, at 62 Fulton, and now have five other locations here — Grand Central, Midtown East, West 40th and another coming soon to Midtown West.

All the NYC locations are smaller versions of their other outposts — and to-go only. Entrees are about $20.

The story on their website goes like this: In the early ’60s, Cecilia Chiang had a successful Chinese restaurant called The Mandarin in LA. She opened a second in Beverly Hills and eventually her son, Philip, took over in the mid-70s. A couple decades later he and a partner developed the fast casual version that then took over the world.




  1. Not a fan of another chain restaurant adding to the scene. Oh well.

  2. Not a fan either….even more garbage on the street.

    • I suspect it may be the other way around. Occupied storefronts are more likely to clean up the trash on the sidewalk and street in front of their business. Loose garbage will collect in front of empty storefronts.

      Of course sanitation could implement trash receptacles for collection like literally every other city in the world.

  3. NYC is coming out of pandemic (or so we all hope), there are many vacant storefronts and all j. and P. can say are negative comments. Tribeca needs to return to an active business scene: vacant storefronts need to be occupied as they once were.

    You don’t have to eat there if you’re not a fan. However, it’s ludicrous to complain about more garbage on the street before you’ve seen it. You live in NYC.

  4. Ordered from the one on Fulton Street. Awful food floating in an ocean of salt.

  5. I’m glad. Tired of the complaints about anything new on so many boards. Do folks wish it was the 60s or something? If it was some small, local place no one’s heard of it would last 8 months. This no doubt has the resources to stick around, and I like Chinese food!

  6. Glad to read others understand need for return of businesses.
    If you don’t like it: don’t eat there, but Tribeca (as does everywhere) needs empty storefronts occupied and operating.