Cookies coming to 325 Greenwich

The listing for 325 Greenwich at Newmark shows that Chip City — a cookie company that makes super gooey concoctions — is coming to the space just north of Café Clementine (more on that later) in what was the liquor store. That leaves just once space available — the former Dudley’s Paw spot on the north end of the building.

There are nine Chip Cities in the city — a 10th is coming soon to Hoboken. The local chain started in Astoria and soon after they had a couple more Queens locations. Then came the West Village and Williamsburg. The West Village aesthetic seems like it will fit right in here.

Every day they offer four out of their 16 flavors, along with a plant-based option. For instance today’s choices are Chocolate Chip, Monster Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Blueberry Cheesecake. This will be some competition for Insomnia Cookies on Church and Warren…



  1. Wouldn’t this tenant have the same issue as Cafe Clementine or did the landlord’s meeting with DOB go that well…?

    • The Loft Board has reversed/softened their stance thanks to local support and pressure. Regardless of this incident, I respect the LB and the tough job they have and will continue to work with them as best I can.

      • And a special thank you to Pam from TC as well as Anthony Drummond and others from Councilwoman Chin’s office who were both very involved and instrumental in resolving the conflict :)

  2. Curious on their plant based option. Hope they do well with the real estate hoopla.

  3. I’m still upset that Dudley’s Paw closed. Any intel on why?

    • why. they lost there lease i am sure and bldg was sold. most of those spots and all over greenich st have been empty for years and years…the chicken place on the corner of duane has been empty for i would say 5 years. investors are greedy

    • I too miss Dudley’s but Yvonne told me she had no regrets and wasn’t prepared to go forward with all the changes and expenses when dealing with a new owner. My pup still slows down and pulls on her lease to get in! I suspect she always will.
      Yvonne is kind and was a great treat giver. Her life has been extraordinary and has had some real adventures.

      • Josh said this in his first comment: Unfortunately they were paying rents that were too low to even cover the mortgage and taxes on the property, the only reason the prior landlord was able to keep the rents so low was he had no mortgage and he was also as you saw spending zero dollars on the property and letting it fall apart… I assure you all I did everything I could for these prior tenants (including payments and free rent) to help out Sasha (cornerstone), Yvonne (dudleys), Frank (myoptics) and Donna (Tribeca Wines). Yvonne was especially hard for me as a dog owner and a dog lover, one of the hardest things I’ve hard to do in my 15 years in this business. I did my best though to handle gently and I would be surprised if any had bad words to say about my.