In the News: The original Black media king

I am a little bummed that The Times beat me to this, but stay tuned, since I hope to hear more from Byron Lewis, a longtime Tribecan. (Also look forward to a feature on his wife Sylvia Wong Lewis’ latest project, the Auntyland Film Festival.) The story is exceptional, and long, since Lewis is 90 and not only founded the media company Uniworld but also had a magazine of which James Baldwin and Charlayne Hunter-Gault were contributors. A great read. Just a taste: “Mr. Lewis set on a course to convince American corporations that their ignorance and bigotry were blinding them to the Black community’s buying power. ‘I spent a decade in the trenches learning how to get Black magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations going. I learned that the industry and the corporate client knew almost nothing about the Black consumer market,’ Mr. Lewis told me. ‘I became a teacher and a salesman.'”

The Post reports that James Johnson, who just signed with the Brooklyn Nets, has also signed a lease at 57 Reade (at Broadway) for a three-bedroom for $16,600 a month. Johnson, 34, is a 12-year NBA veteran.

The Real Deal has a dizzying story about the financing back-and-forth at 77 Greenwich, but it helps explain the name change: “Celebrity broker Ryan Serhant took over in April and rebranded the tower with a French-inspired moniker, ‘Jolie.’ Serhant declined to comment on how many contracts his firm has secured, but said interest from buyers was ‘robust.’ In March, Trinity reported 16 units in contract to investors, SEC filings show. Prices range from $1,538 to $3,057 per square foot and closings began earlier this month.”

Black Enterprise reports that Robert De Niro prevailed in his lawsuit with his ex Grace Hightower, who sought half of his $500 million fortune. “The 78-year-old mogul does have to buy his soon-to-be ex-wife a new crib with a value of up to $6 million. De Niro also has to pay Hightower $1 million annually– unless she remarries or one of them passes away.”


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  1. I know he makes a lot of money, but why does she need a home that will cost UP to $6 million, plus he’s giving her $1 million a year? Thousands of businesses went out this year and last year and people aren’t working because of it and are having trouble paying their rent and other necessary bills. I hope she’ll donate some of that (she didn’t earn it) money to food banks or families that need help.