One more push for composting

I know I have hit this before, but because I feel so strongly that this is a great way to reduce the garbage we create (and more on that soon, since I have become a bit obsessed), I am pushing this out again. The Department of Sanitation’s program is by far the most comprehensive compost collection service, since you can include dairy, meat and bones. (There’s also a Save Our Compost organization, if you want even more info on this.)

The city has resumed its operations after a covid suspension. We were previously part of the pilot program, and those neighborhoods have priority now. But Tribecans have not shown enough interest to actually get the service started. From Sanitation:

“We’re resuming service on a rolling basis, designing smart routes in areas where signups are most concentrated to minimize the greenhouse gas emissions. While Tribeca is not part of the initial rollout in October, we are continuing to evaluate neighborhoods based on signups, and we encourage all interested residents to express their interest online.”

Sign up here. Please!

Meanwhile, the Downtown Alliance has started its own public composting pilot program with locked containers — similar to those Big Belly compactors — that open with an app. There are eight containers in Fidi — see the program here and the map below. And unlike the current composting collection system at Pier 25 (NB: no meat, fish or bones) you can use them 24/7.




  1. Please neighbors, this is one of those things that everyone in our area can and should support whatever your political position. Please sign your building up, we did as soon as sign-up was available, but as Pam said, we are still waiting for service to resume. If you are on the Board of your building, if you know your management company, if you have a super, or anyone with responsibility for your home’s sanitation, please help us bring back composting to our neighborhood by signing up – even if you had service per-COVID you need to re-register. Our environment needs us to act! Thanks. pB

  2. I tried to find those FiDi compost bins. Went to 3 of the locations and no bins. Does anyone know the start date? I’ve googled without success. Thanks.

  3. The Downtown Alliance program launched today! I’m super excited to use them too :)