TCQ&A Election Edition: Maud Maron

I asked the three candidates for City Council seat to take the TCQ&A, with a minor tweak for an elected official. So far only Maud Maron has replied. I hope to hear from the other two before Election Day next Tuesday.

The usual rules applied — the candidates were asked to answer as many of the questions as they liked but a minimum of 15 and #1-9 were required. Some were fill in the blank and shown in brackets below.

1. How long have you lived in the district? Where did you move from? Where are you originally from?
I have lived downtown for three decades. I was born in Manhattan and after living in PA came back to Manhattan in the 80’s to go to Barnard College.

2. Married? Partnered? If so, what’s his/her name and occupation?
My husband, Juan Pablo, is an Argentine who owns his own business.

3. Kids? Pets?
4 kids, 0 pets and no plans to change either number!

4. Where do you live?
I live in SoHo.

5. What do you do for a living? Or, what did you do before you decided to run for this office?
Public Defender

6. What are the first three things you will tackle if you win the election?
Public Safety improvements
Public School reform
Quality of Life focus

7. What is the first staff position you will fill?
Chief of staff & constituent services.

8. Who did you support for mayor in the primary?
My first two choices were Eric Adams & Kathyrn Garcia

9. What do you think is the most important thing to help the district recover from the pandemic?
We need workers to return to offices and tourists to return to our city. Our neighborhoods from Chinatown to the Seaport to Tribeca need the influx of visitors in order to thrive.

10. The best deal around:
$1 Pizza slices

11. Most-frequented restaurants:
Estancia 460 on Greenwich Street in Tribeca
Aurora Soho on Broome
Broome Street Bar on Broome in SoHo

12. For special occasions, I go to:
Minetta Tavern

13. Sweet-tooth satisfaction:
Good chocolate!

14. What’s your drink order?

15. I usually order in from … and I always order the …
We don’t order much!

16. The last non-essential item I bought:
Halloween costumes!

17. I’m so glad [Tweed Courthouse/DOE headquarters] is in the district, because without it [I’d have to travel a lot for my frequent protests to terrible DOE policies!]

18. How I stay fit:
Campaigning :)

19. Where I get beautiful:
Vada Spa on 6th Avenue

20. What’s the district’s best-kept secret?
Mian Tian hair salon on Canal for a $20 blow dry & scalp massage.

21. A recent enthusiasm:

22. Rainy-day activity:
Baking with my kids.

24. Pet peeve:


25. A doctor I’d recommend:
Elizabeth Goldberg Urban Dermatology

26. My most memorable celebrity sighting:
John Hamm strolling down the beach.

27. Tribeca could use more [PARKS] and less/fewer [traffic jams].

29. A business I’d like to have here:
Great Cuban food.

30. A business I miss:
Novecento (the longstanding Argentine restaurant on West Bway that closed in 2017)

31. Proof that change is good:

32: A new building I admire:
56 Leonard — it has grown on me.

33. Best reason to go above 14th Street:
My mom

34. What’s your favorite park in the city?
Central Park

35. If I couldn’t live here, I’d live in….
Buenos Aires

36. I wish you had asked me about:
Why voting for an Independent for City Council is a liberating & rewarding choice!



  1. Maud Maron is a sore loser and Exhibit A why New York should have a sore loser election law. You lose a primary you can’t run in the general. Her campaign is reckless because it encourages a primary loser to run in a much much closer general where their votes could cost their party the seat. What if Christopher Marte was in a dead even or near dead even race?

    She has zero chance of winning. Her campaign is nothing more than a protest against what? A party she herself was part of until it didn’t get her what she wanted? Stay an independent lady.

    • Tim, you do know that Marte ran as an Independent last general election??? So for him, okay, for her not? Typical progressive hypocrisy. And here we are Nov. 1 and he’s not answered any of the questions. Open primaries are the answer.

    • As time goes by, Maud Maron makes more and more sense

  2. I really wanted to hear her answer questions about her lawsuit agains ther former employer, the legal aid society — and also hear her at least defend or address her opinion piece in Newsweek refuting that trans women are women; that it’s is a “falsehood” —

  3. “Political observers and local residents wary of the city’s decline say Maron, a former Democrat who has street cred among the district’s deep-blue base and a willingness to challenge party orthodoxy, is gaining momentum.”

    Washington Square Park crisis key to City Council race

    • Interesting. What are the names of the “political observers” and “local residents” the NY Post is citing, and what exactly did they say? Would help me better make my decision in the booth

  4. I don’t think she s a sore loser if anything this shows how passionate she is about running for office. I like that she’s not a quitter. She’s not giving up for our district!! My biggest issue is how much of an influence can she be towards STOPPING these hotel congregate homeless shelters in our neighborhoods. Before someone says move to Westchester, please I busted my ass to live where I live. So currently my vote is for Maud!!

  5. It says something when a candidate is willing to take the time to answer questions in a forum like TC as much as it says something about a candidate who doesn’t.