In the News: Succession sale

I could not make it through one episode of Succession but I know I am the outlier. So if you are living vicariously through those characters you can pick up the Woolworth Tower residence of Kendall Roy’s ex-wife for $23.3 million, according to The Post. “In the beginning episodes of Season 3, fans see Strong’s character use the home as a war room to plot against his father, Logan Roy (Brian Cox). In some of the scenes, Kendall is meeting up with his lawyers, his new girlfriend and fan-fave cousin Greg (portrayed by Nicholas Braun) to discuss the plans in the apartment.”

The Real Deal reports that Related will rack up $222 million in loans to convert Truffles Tribeca on Desbrosses and West to condos, including $76 million from Deutsche Bank: “The funds come with $146 million to refinance prior debt, for a total of $222 million in loans. Related bought the property in early 2019 from the Jack Parker Organization for $260 million.”

The Trib reports that a man is threatening women in order to steal their MetroCards in several downtown stations.

I will catch up to this now that it passed through the city’s land use process, but in the meantime an oped in Crain’s says it’s a bad idea and will destroy the neighborhood’s rich architecture: “So instead of a world-class city for everyone, with a diversity of neighborhoods reflecting the architectural, cultural and economic history of the city, the one-size-fits-alls want to make us all poorer by opening up SoHo to affordable housing development.”



  1. I was wondering what building they were filming that episode in. I knew it was somewhere around here. Quite the stunner.

  2. The HBO show likes this neighborhood (wonder why). In the first season the Greg character, who’s portrayed as sort of hapless, trying to partake of the life the others consider their birthright, is tossed an apartment his wealthy relatives consider a throw-away. That apartment is a high-floor corner apartment in the Ban-refurbished “Cast Iron House” on B’way and Franklin.

  3. I spent four painful hours this afternoon waiting for my turn to speak at the City Counsel’s SoHo/NoHo/Chinatown rezoning meeting before I had to give up and log out. During that time a long list people, 99% who neither live nor work Downtown somehow proceeded to hold SoHo & NoHo up as the example and occasional cause of everything wrong with NYC. A bunch of commentators actually delusion-ally highlighted that the rezoning is the only way to solve the housing crisis, climate change and inequality. Additionally, one speaker actually said that SoHo “has not suffered hardships over the decades” and that was another reason why it should be redeveloped beyond the most comment complaints of SoHo being too rich and white.
    The harsh reality is that the Developers and NYU have convinced some people that they will benevolently build a wide assortment of housing options while forgoing all the loopholes and massive profits they would make from building luxury high-rises and dorms. The sad truth is that they would overdevelop and wreck portions of the neighborhoods while absorbing part of Chinatown as “SoHo East” all the while pushing out the affordable housing and rent stabilized tenants they claim to be helping.
    So if you want to help save SoHo/NoHo/Chinatown and get the City to actually focus on real affordable housing plans, please send your comments and/or written testimony to by 4:00PM Friday afternoon.