Reade Street Pub will be resurrected as…Reade Street Pub

Reade Street Pub will be resurrected with new owners as well as a new kitchen, new bar and a totally new vibe: no live music, no early morning hours and no curbside seating.

A former chef from Walker’s — Jude Sheehan, who spent the past 15 years as the food service director at Grace Church School — will be the executive chef here and will design a new, more robust menu. And in general the idea is to “bring the place up to the 21st Century,” said the applicants. “After 100 years, it was time for a change.”

The capacity there is 74, with 18 seats at the bar plus 20 tables, 50 seats. They are not planning on curbside seating, but will have six two-tops outside on the sidewalk. They said there will only be background music (sorry Bill!). Committee members noted that the former bar kept neighbors up at night and on occasion police were called.

Reade Street Pub, which closed in May after owner Brian Barasky sold the building, traditionally had hours till 4a, but the committee required the new owners to scale back the hours — till 2a all nights except Sunday, where the committee limited the hours to 10p, which seemed silly to me. (What is up with the Sunday early hours? Is this a church thing??)

“We want to bring a happier, quieter environment to Reade Street,” the new owners said. “We’re excited to bring a rejuvenated version of the Reade Street Pub back to life.”



  1. Good luck to them and I hope that the new menu will make this more of a restaurant than bar with some food — think the long lost (and at least by us, hugely missed) River Run.

  2. Jude is good neighbor and friend. I can’t wait to see what he cooks up!! We need a Reade Street Pub resurrected with some good old fashion dishes!!

  3. No live music is a bummer. There weren’t noise complaints when they could play inside…

  4. The slow death of the late night bar scene continues. Not only is the early Sunday closing silly, but all new bars closing at 2 am sucks some of the vitality out of the city and the neighborhood.

  5. Can’t wait to dine at the new Reade Street Pub and see what Chef Jude has in store!

  6. So excited!!! Tribeca needs places like that. We’ll be regulars!

  7. Great news and I’m so happy that Chef Jude is back in action and back in TriBeCa. Looking forward to clinking glasses with you Jude!

  8. This is great news (aside from the hours)! Does anyone know the expected opening date?

  9. This is great news! I will miss the old Reade Street Pub, though.