Some closings to note for the record

I’d rather not keep adding to this list, but alas, here we are. For the record, a few more victims of the pandemic.

The Mexican restaurant opened on Duane Park during the pandemic, and secured its liquor license on Zoom. It now seems to be closed.

The bakery at 93 Worth opened that location in 2015, and served pastries, cookies (with an emphasis on macarons) and sandwiched, all baked on the premises. There are still five locations in the city and you can order online.

Terra’s little sister opened across the street, at 225 West Broadway, in 2018. In fact the name means “cross over.” Happily Terra is looking great.

Humble Fish
The poke restaurant was opened on Lispenard and Church by downtown resident Jonathan Chong in 2017 — the first of several poke establishments in the neighborhood — and was a favorite of neighbors.



  1. So sad for all of them, but especially going to miss Humble Fish. Loved how fresh and original their menu was.