The owner of Tokyo Bay is now installed on Mott Street

Billy Liu, who for 18 years owned and operated Tokyo Bay on Duane Street until the pandemic put him out of business, has opened a booth in a small food court on Mott Street just north of Canal. He is serving his old favorites, but he is also offering a omakase menu at the three-seat bar — “It’s more fun” — and I really recommend making a reservation to try it.

His new place is called Domo Sushi and it is hard to find by name on Google so follow my directions: half-block north on Mott on the east side, into the food court called Mott Street Eatery; his booth is on the right. Hours are noon to 9, Tuesday to Sunday. We sat in the dining area because he had a reservation at his bar for dinner, but that was fine by me. The nine-piece omakase is $70 and the $100 for now in the initial weeks.

Billy said he would much rather be in Tribeca — even in a smaller place, as small as 500 square feet — but this was the best he could do for now. And he had to do something. Rents are still high, he said, and the price of sushi fish in some cases has doubled. He has had to craft his menu by working around the market.

We ordered off the menu because we had to have our old order, but then of course he sent out two perfect tastes: the seared king salmon with tomato and a smidge of his homemade mayo and onion and the seared bluefin toro. The wagyu beef was off the omakase menu that the folks at the bar ordered, and they let me take a pic. His wife is also there and had made the most delicious chilled coconut flan with green tea sauce in little ramekins for dessert.

I know he would love to see any and all of us.

Domo Sushi
98 Mott | Canal & Hester
Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 9p (closed Monday)



  1. So happy to hear.

  2. good for billie!