The Odeon curbside structure flips into street from wind

The curbside dining structure at the Odeon — which stretches from the corner at Thomas south for what I would guess is 50 feet — collapsed at 8:45 last night, flipping into West Broadway and by some sort of miracle, injuring no one. The plexiglass sides gave in, and the roof just lifted up and crashed, intact but upside down, into the bike path.

The police said the structure fell onto a black Toyota Sienna with a woman inside, but she said she was not injured and refused medical attention.

Queens Girl got these shots right after the event. J. took the photos below around 10, after the tables were removed and firefighters had tossed the wrecked awning on the curbside platform.  G. sent the video as firefighters arrived around 9.

There’s been no livelier curbside scene than the Odeon’s this past year, and yesterday was case-in-point: it was bustling out there during the 60-degree December weather. I can only imagine how grateful everyone there is that no one was hurt given the circumstance.


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  1. The sounds of the sirens were petrifying. So glad no one was hurt!