Seen & Heard: Biden on the bus stop

J. caught this shot of what is clearly a fake ad: Biden perhaps wearing a Gucci suit? (I wouldn’t know.) But definitely rocking the Ray Ban Aviators as per usual.

P. caught this shot of a new installation at 359 Broadway with the note “Who knew there was something scarier than Blood Manor?” This is, of course, the Blood Manor site, which is huge on the inside and has two floors — this time tricked out for Santa fans. P. was also crafty with The Google and was able to find them online, which I could not.

All signs point to the conclusion that Parm, on Vesey but part of Brookfield, is closed. While it is not dismantled inside, it looks like most of the marketing is gone and our location is not longer listed on the Parm website. (And the email doesn’t work.)

And I am pretty sure it’s the pizza joint on Broadway and White that is closed in this picture, since it was noted in comments a few weeks back. I know neighbors had a love/hate with this place, since the garbage on the sidewalk was an issue, but what’s NYC without cheap slices?


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  1. There is a also HipHop50 that recently took over the space that CBD (Come Back Daily) used to be on Broadway off White St. Maybe it’s a pop up affiliated with ShowTime?