For the fruitcake lovers: I know you’re out there

I am posting this as a holiday dedication to the founder of this site, who once lamented the fact that he couldn’t eat panettone all year long. I am sure there’s someone missing from this list — which is why I generally hate making lists — so comment if you’ve sourced another loaf.

Their version of the Italian holiday staple is made with rum-soaked raisins, citron, candied orange and a touch of honey in a process that takes three days. There is also a more extravagant chocolate and candied orange variation. They also have the return of the seasonal tortino di zenzero, made with rye flour, fresh ginger and molasses.

Of course Eataly has a huge selection of panettoni and pandori, which they describe as “rich, fluffy cakes that symbolize luck and prosperity through the New Year.” They suggest pairing a slice of cake with with whipped cream, sweet spreads, fresh fruit or dark chocolate.

The bakery and restaurant with Milanese roots makes theirs with candied orange, citron, lemon zest and raisins. Their breads have a six month shelf life, as long as you store it unopened in a cool dry place.

The bakery’s holiday stollen is a much more dense riff on the panettone with Sicilian pistachio, almond, cranberry, Cointreau and citrus.

Houseman’s fruitcakes, back for their eighth Christmas, are made with candied oranges and ginger, walnuts and drunken cherries — and thoroughly soaked in rum. They are packed in a tin and will last for “just about forever.” Place your order before Dec. 20.


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  1. Takahachi Bakery has a home made panetonne , its good and not too filled with dried fruits (my spouse who dislikes it usually is a fan!)