Here we go again.

Ugh. I really didn’t want to be doing these posts again, but here we are. New York State is at an all time record, surpassing the record set last January. And the neighborhood is responding. My annual holiday dinner at Frenchette, was cancelled: they are closing out of covid caution till Dec. 28. The lines at all the testing centers are down the block.

So to the data. This is the latest, updated every seven days on Thursday. You can search it here yourself. In short, we are now a hotspot.
HOWEVER, our hospitalization rate is zero, no doubt because our vaccination rate for people with one dose is 99.9 percent.

  • Tribeca case rate: 7.6 percent
  • Battery Park City: 9.05 percent
  • Financial District: 3.05

But since our last go-round, we now have three more covid businesses to add to the local resources at CityMD.

  • Care Cube at 137 Hudson (you can book online here — our site is called Hudson Street)
  • MedRite at 153 Chambers (walk-ins only)
  • There’s a tent in front of Whole Foods — I will check it out today

I bought — for future use — several of the BinaxNOW tests at Kings.

Ugh, again.


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  1. Also people in the area are more likely to get tested which also makes it a hot spot. More tests, more positives, etc etc. Apparently the next waive will be even more active but even less severe symptoms. Time will tell. I only hope we stay fact base and don’t let politics (in either direction) lead to excessive actions that are not appropriate to the facts. Based on the past I am not optimistic that either party or the media are capable of that.

    • I suspect that a lot of people got tested prior to Thanksgiving, and 10007’s positivity rate was 0.37.

    • Most finance folks get tested weekly or semiweekly. Private school kids get tested on a similar schedule. Those two constantly-tested groups had explosions in positive cases starting 3 weeks ago and last week the positivity rates were so high they forced employers to shut offices and many schools also closed a couple days early for break. It’s not a frequency-of-testing anomaly.

  2. It would be so amazing if people could really comply with indoor masking. It’s the least we can do. As well as up ventilation and filtration measures.

  3. LabQ by Whole Foods is only open on weekdays right now. It opens at 10am, but sometimes earlier if you are lucky.

  4. Hudson Medical on Broadway is also doing COVID testing…

  5. Just called Kings, they are fresh out of at home covid tests but are taking names and numbers for when they have more BinaxNow kits in- 4 max per person!

  6. We also have had the lowest infection rates in the city for the last two years so are going into this with the lowest levels of natural immunity. Given we know that prior infection is more durable than 2 shots for immunologically naive, makes sense that we are seeing a higher impact now.

    • I do Covid research and can tell you, definitively, that natural immunity is neither more durable nor more protective than mRNA vaccinations.

      Having been infected and had two vaccinations will give you hybrid immunity, which is believed to be the best kind, but natural immunity on its own is ripe for reinfection, especially with Onicron, and will certainly fade over time.

  7. The lines are also long because folks need it for traveling and family gatherings. The lines will diminish significantly either Dec 26 or January 2

  8. There is also Health Rover in Tribeca…. for faster results yoy pay out of pocket, if not in a rush insurance covers it with a 25$ co pay

  9. “HOWEVER, our hospitalization rate is zero, no doubt because our vaccination rate for people with one dose is 99.9 percent.”

    Exactly, which is all that matters. Apparently Joe Biden’s administration has been having discussion about ways to shift the public focus from cases and infection rates to hospitalizations, since the case count alone is not a useful metric anymore in areas like ours with 90% immunity.

    While everyone should be taking basic safety precautions, the panic we see — with hour long testing lines, calls to make masks mandatory, calls for school closures, pushes for some version of another lockdown or business restriction — is completely uncalled for.

  10. Please don’t give a forum to this—I’m trying to pretend people this misinformed and selfish don’t live in our neighborhood. After reading countless articles and comments on this pandemic over past two years, nothing indicates someone’s specific agenda more than the language they choose: “medical freedoms”, blaming “politicians” and “fear tactics”; and of course the ubiquitous “Wake up!” It’s time to stop giving quarter to this type of gaslighting both online and in real life.

  11. I guess my comment was deleted. Just wow

  12. Tribeca is not at 99.9%. 10013 is at 96.87. High, but let’s not claim superiority. Battery Park is at 79.38%. And there is no 90% immunity. Past infections have proven no immunity to the new variant. And the vaccines only protect you from serious illness, not infection.