Art in (a bit south of) Tribeca: Flyboy at The Battery

The Battery Conservancy and NYC Parks has installed “The Great Debate” — a monumental sculpture by Hebru Brantley — that will be on display for the next year. The 16-foot, painted fiberglass structure depicts Brantley’s “Flyboy” signature character.

A Chicago native, Brantley is best known for his Afro-Futurism approach to anime and graffiti. His paintings and sculptures often depict fictional versions of his younger self, as well as pop culture or art historical figures such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. He named this one for “the positive side of public discourse.”

“No matter if we agree or disagree, what is important is that we have the freedom to do so. My hope is that Flyboy at The Battery will serve as a consistent reminder to hold your head high, stand firm in what you believe in, and keep pushing forward with confidence. The Flyboy character that I have created has become a pillar of hope and optimism for people around the world. He challenges people to transcend their circumstances and believe they are worthy of their dreams, no matter the color of their skin or the neighborhood they grew up in.”


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  1. I wonder if he ever dated Fearless Girl?