J. Crew on Duane Park is closing

B. spotted the sign: the J. Crew store on Hudson and Duane Park is closing on Jan. 23. They still have a Brookfield store, so they are redirecting traffic there. (I would try to get the story from corporate, but I have never had luck communicating with the J. Crew mothership.)

The shop opened as Crewcuts — their kids line — in 2010, then a year later converted to The Ludlow Shop, named for their line of slim-fitting men’s suits, then eventually evolved into a straight-up small J. Crew.

The company closed their outlet at the Liquor Store in March 2019, after 11 years in the landmark building. (It’s now Todd Snyder.) They still have seven others stores in Manhattan.

As for 50 Hudson, the former Bar Cyrk space at 88 Thomas is still empty. The last word there was it was scheduled to be an “Italian tapas” restaurant. The bigger news is that the building is getting a modern addition on top, designed by (former Tribecan) Thierry Despont.



  1. Everything in my neighborhood is closing. I’ve been living here for 15 years, since my college days at NYU, and so much about this city is suddenly sad. Even the school closures. What is happening to our NYC? We all work hard here – everyone. We pay our dues. Can we get a reward for supporting business? Or are we going to be all corporate ? I know Jcrew is corporate but I mean Black Rock, FB, Amazon and the other “top 5). I am a black woman and “woke” but the woke is starting to be a joke.

    • Fellow black woman living here in Tribeca – what does woke have to do with anything?

      Very sad to see closures, but excited to see our continued resilience and increased vibrancy down here.

      Though the rent is too damn high.

  2. I lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years and NEVER knew that was a JCrew store.

  3. Speaking of chain closures, does anyone know if the Starbucks on Church and Murray is reopening? The signage says “Temporarily Closed” but it’s been at least 10 days and typically the Starbucks that close temporarily reopen after a few days after cleaning or remodeling.