New Kid on the Block: 787 Coffee

The Puerto Rican coffee chain 787 has opened its eighth outlet in the city on Worth Street — in the former Woops! bakery space between Church and Broadway.

They opened three weeks ago but you would never know it – it looks like it’s been there for ages. That may sound like an underhanded compliment or even a straight up dis, but I mean it just at face value: the space just looks lived-in. There are stickers on the walls, the few pieces of furniture are broken in, and the staff seems to know their stuff.

The coffee is grown and roasted in Maricao, a region of Puerto Rico that is at 3000 feet elevation (most coffee has to be grown at higher elevations, between 2000 and 6000). Their brew is described as having “citrus notes with a buttery mouth feel.” This is all beyond me, since I’ve never had coffee, however they serve Tea Pigs tea, which I love.

They do have a couple specialty items that I’ve never seen: rum (and tequila and whisky) infused beans, sold in cute liquor bottles; quesitos pastries in guava or almond, which are baked at their Pearl Street location; breakfast tacos served every morning (also baked downtown); empanadas; and iced coquito lattes sold from the cooler.

The company was founded in 2014 by Brandon Pena and Sam Sepulveda, who purchased an abandoned coffee farm and went about teaching themselves how to grow coffee as a community project. The coffee they brew is single source — all grown and roasted exclusively on their farm. They opened their first coffee shop there, in PR, then in 2018 opened the first permanent shop in the East Village.

787 Coffee
93 Worth | Church & Broadway
Monday – Saturday | 7a to 7p
Sunday | 8a to 7p



  1. Thank you for this Pam! So interesting to learn the history of this company- makes me want to patronize them even more! Hope they do well here.

  2. You’ve NEVER had coffee? Like not even once?!

  3. Will definitely make my way to this little secret! Now they really need to finish worth Street construction!!