Participatory budgeting has started for our district

Nice of J. to send a note since I didn’t realize that participatory budgeting schedule had already started. Idea collection only goes till Jan. 23, so to cut to the chase: create an NYC ID here first, then submit your ideas here.

Margaret Chin first joined in the fun of participatory budgeting for FY20 — the citywide process where ordinary citizens can propose projects in the district. Each councilmember gets an allocation for both capital and expense budget– I think it’s about $1 million for ours — I am waiting on Marte’s office to let me know the totals.

  • CAPITAL proposals must cost at least $50,000 and have a life span of five years (think parks, schools, sidewalks, etc).
  • EXPENSE proposals must cost at least $5000 (think classes, studies, equipment, etc).

There are 41 projects already submitted for the district, including a proposal for the space under the Manhattan Bridge, improvements to Finn Square, a community lawn at City Hall Park, and lots others on the Lower East Side.


  • Now till Jan. 23: Idea submission from public (see below)
  • Jan. 23 – Feb. 11: Projects are vetted by District Committees with regards to need and equity. Capital projects are then submitted to the respective city agencies for evaluation and cost by Feb. 1. Expense projects are vetted by council offices.
  • Feb. 11 – March 12: The district committee finalizes the ballots
  • March 12 – April 1: Projects are promoted around the district
  • April 1 – 10: Voting online and in person as per district.
  • April 22: Winners are announced



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  1. Thank you for including a picture of Finn Square in this article, since it is clear from the photograph that the sidewalk surrounding the park needs replacement. Friends of Finn Square have submitted our proposal for that funding, along with a request for better fencing and more benches. Anyone who would like to support our proposal please add your comments to the proposal at the link provided above.

    Patty Aakre, President
    Friends of Finn Square