A quick update on the way downtown

Hadn’t done an inland lap of the way-downtown in a while, so wanted to check on a few things there.

First stop was the newly completed Elizabeth Berger Park, which I had never checked out once it was completed last January. (The park is named for the former head of the Downtown Alliance, a longtime Fidi resident who was a huge champion of downtown until her her death in 2013.)

Just north, the new DOE school in the restored Robert and Anne Dickey Mansion looks about the same as when I last saw it, but hopefully it is coming along on the interior. It is scheduled to open next fall with new PS 150 principal Nico Victorino at the helm. (Of course the school will be much bigger than the one he has now, with 450 kids across six grades.)

The school is underneath 77 Greenwich, which was recently remarketed as Jolie (the entrance to the school will be on Trinity Place and the condo entrance will be on Greenwich). It’s still not finished, but here’s my tour of the upper floors from last March.

There’s another marble-clad building in addition to the Perelman PAC: the façade on Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church looks largely finished. The schedule on that was supposed to be first services held inside this past November; they clearly blew past that. I’ll check for updates soon.

Finally it felt like it had been ages since I had been able to just walk through the 9/11 Memorial grounds — and it has been ages since it’s only open from 10a to 5p, and that never is a time I happen to be down there. It’s really a lovely space to cross through as a neighbor, rather than visit it as a destination, so I hope there is a time soon when it is open all the time.




  1. Hello – great to see pics of the area. I was wondering if you could share some pics of the new performing arts center in the WTC Complex.