New Kid on the Block: Saint Tuesday

In a fun addition to the Tribeca Gallery District, or the area just east of Broadway, the Walker Hotel has installed a subterranean bar that is accessed through the Cortlandt Alley stair. Climb up the stairs, pass the vax-card check and descend two flights to a steel door that opens into Saint Tuesday: a cozy, low-ceilinged, candle-lit room. (The Pixel 3 can only do so well in there — it is not as dark as it looks here.)

It is simply a cocktail bar: don’t go for the wine or beer (the list was simply “red” or “white” and don’t get me started on the beer offerings — I might BYO and pay a bottling charge). But I would say it’s a great spot for meeting out-of-towners before dinner. The banquette table at the end is also perfect if you want to hunker down.

The space — along with the street level restaurant (which will open in January with a new Chilean chef serving coastal seafood) — is operated by Dream Logic Hospitality, and we happened to meet the owner/operator of the bar — Christopher Covey. He first heard of St. Tuesday in a social studies class in high school. It was the craftsmen’s Sunday — the day off for those who had to work weekends. He tucked it away all those years ago and just now got to put it into action. The bill came tucked into a James Joyce novel. Cute.

Saint Tuesday
Walker Hotel
24 Cortlandt Alley, New York, NY 10016



  1. Good ventilation too.