In the News: A lower Lower Manhattan

The Times has a guest essay from econ prof Jason Barr, who proposes to add 1700 acres to the end of Manhattan. “This new proposal offers significant protection against surges while also creating new housing. To do this, it extends Manhattan into New York Harbor by 1,760 acres. This landfill development, like many others in the city’s past, would reshape the southern Manhattan shoreline. We can call the created area New Mannahatta.”

ARTnews reports that Kapp Kapp gallery is moving from Philly to the fourth floor of 86 Walker (Peter Doig’s old studio) and will open on Jan. 15 with a show of Tribecan Stanley Stellar. “He was the subject of the first solo show Kapp Kapp presented in Philadelphia and the first artist to officially join the gallery’s roster. This month at Kapp Kapp, Stellar will show a series of never-before-exhibited photographs of queer communities on the Christopher Street piers on Manhattan’s West Side in the 1970s, prior to the AIDS epidemic.”

This is a week old, but for the record: amNY reports that the 7-Eleven at 88 Greenwich (at Rector) was robbed at gunpoint on Jan. 3. He took $100 in cash from the register and fled on foot.

The Trib has a story of the art at the jails on White Street that will be removed, and in one case destroyed, when the jails are torn down. There are friezes and murals by Richard Haas, and several sculptures by Tribecan Kit Yin-Snyder, shown above.



  1. Last year pre-Mayor Adams stated he was against a new Chinatown jail. So is he doing anything to block the imminent demolition of the old jail? Once demolition starts it seems there will be no going back…although there can still be a fight to at least reduce the scale of any new structure.

    Has Adams said anything about the project since he took office?

    • Mayor Adams who thinks the subways are safe after a beautiful young talented woman was thrown to her death on the subway by a homeless person –

      He is DeBlasio part 2

      Should have voted Curtis Sliwa
      We are headed for Detroit where property became worthless due to crime and corporations fleeing the city.

  2. I think New Yorkers will pay dearly for voting Adams into office. How did he become the democratic nominee anyway? It seemed so unlikely and then he won over intelligent, qualified candidates like Maya Wiley. It seems that many people are drawn to the big mouth bully tactic that Adams used (kind of like Trump). They don’t look at who the person really is. What we have now is someone who will only look out for his own interests (deBlasio loooved himself, but Adams loooooooves himself even more). Crime is skyrocketing in the city and there is no justice for the victims. Lifelong New Yorkers like us are planning their permanent departures from the city that is great no more, and actually lost its individuality long ago. Big chain stores and restaurants are everywhere in the country so why pay exorbitant rents and higher prices for the same things that the rest of the country pays a lot less for?

  3. Adams is Trump( liar) and De Blasio (real estate) rolled into one. His campaign slogans are now in rear view mirror.
    Will New York ever recover from itself?