Zinc box planned for 157 Hudson / 60 Collister

Architect Ben Hansen (whose offices are on Canal Street) came before the CB1 Landmarks Committee in November and again last month to seek approval for a small addition to the T-shaped Amex Building at 157 Hudson (but really 60 Collister). The building was built in the 1860s and is in the Tribeca North Historic District.

It’s a small project — the addition will be 1000 square feet and will provide a bedroom, bathroom and sitting room for the owner, who has a portion of the 5th floor — but I love seeing architectural drawings of landmarked buildings. This went through CB1 in 2015, but the client did not build the project and all the permits expired, so they are circling back and redoing all the permits. In 2012, there was a two-story addition put on 157 Hudson.

The architect described it as “low slung and sleek” with a hip roof structure. It’s invisible from any public thoroughfares. If you happen to have a vantage point from above, right now there is playground equipment on the roof in the same spot.


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  1. That’s so interesting. I never realized that 157 Hudson was part of the same building as 60 Collister.