Seen & Heard: Nova Octo on Duane – for now

Nova Octo, the lovely evening wear rental shop that opened at 88 Laight in 2018 (our home-grown Rent The Runway), is now on the southside of Duane Park as a pop-up until they get their new showroom ready on Bond Street. So they are leaving the neighborhood, but not going far. They closed the Laight Street shop in December, but then reconsidered the storefront. “We learned how important a physical showroom is to our clients, so came back to the neighborhood where it all started!” said brand director Alexa Tietjen.

I just happened to notice that Blues, one of the clothing stores on Broadway that always seemed to have “closing soon” signs, has actually closed. It seems Broadway is getting a little desolate, especially up by Canal. I will do a more comprehensive look soon.

The Winter Garden has a commission up of three-dimensional wall sculptures by artist Wendy Letven through April 4. Each of the five colorful sculptures in the exhibition are a poetic representation of a different function or varying state of the human mind, translated through the language of pattern.

I found this guy soaking wet near Ladder 8 a few days ago and it looked so forlorn, I had to rescue it. Yes, my kids fear I am losing it. And yes, I have no regrets. (I also follow @heidiwranglescats on Instagram, so it’s clearly a downward spiral.) Email if it’s yours.



  1. I’ve done the same thing.

  2. Anyone know what the plans are for the McDonalds that use to be on Broadway. It’s become a hub of homeless people who deficit. It’s so sad and disgusting to see.

  3. How about recreating the historic building that was torn down to make space for that dreary McDonald’s box? It was identical to the still existing cast iron building across the street. Built in 1869, they became known as the “Thomas Street Twins”.

    Oh no, that would be too much to ask for. But might not a clever architect find a way to reference the original building in a new design? Oh no, that would also be too much to ask for too.

  4. There is also an interesting exhibition in the Oculus at the NYC Culture Club Gallery. “In Nature Nothing Exists Alone” is a group show based on the themes related to “… the urgent need to live more responsibly given the Earth’s finite resources.” (Taken from the statement by Chris Costan one of the curators.)