The fireplace at Tiny’s is still causing trouble

Over the past year I have gotten many complaints from neighbors about the fireplace on the first floor of Tiny’s. It is of course charming but neighbors maintain it is also dangerous, and the FDNY has been called out several times now, most recently last Thursday.

FDNY records show seven visits to 135 West Broadway (including last week) since 2014 for smoke or fire, according to the department’s spokesperson. Here’s the rundown:

  • 2/15/14 – Fire Chimney/Flue Fire
  • 2/16/15 – Fire caused by an illegal installation of a gas space heater on the ceiling in the front bar area
  • 1/22/16 1620hrs – Odor of smoke
  • 10/22/16 1811hrs – Odor of smoke from chimney.
  • 1/31/19 0954 – Reports of fire inside restaurant. Unfounded.
  • 3/14/21 – 11:02 a.m. FDNY responded to West Broadway btw Hudson and Duane Street for a report of smoke coming from a building. There was a small fire in a chimney at the location. No injuries. This incident was handled by three units that responded. FDNY was off scene at 11:25 a.m.
  • 2/3/22 – FDNY has not sent report yet, but the pictures above and below are from that date.

FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention Inspectors also went to 135 West Broadway on 3/30/21 to inspect the commercial fire system, commercial exhaust system and fireplace. They reported that the fire extinguishing system is up to the code without any problem, but that the inspector did issue violation orders:

  • Violation order to provide exhaust system cleaning due to heavy grease accumulation and to provide a cleanout panel for commercial exhaust system. The cleanout panel on the roof was missing and is required for the exhaust system.
  • Violation order to provide legal storage for solid fuel (wood for the fireplace), to provide protection by an approved sprinkler system, and to provide proper documentation for the fireplace.

Fire Inspectors annually inspect commercial establishments to ensure there are no violations of the fire code and that businesses operate safely. Department of Buildings inspectors also conduct inspections related to the building code and a fireplace is related to the building code.

The FDNY suggested that readers call 311 and request to be transferred to the FDNY Customer Service Center between 9a and 4p to report suspected violations or register complaints, or email the Fire Department here. “The FDNY is always grateful when this information is communicated to the public so that they know their voices and concerns are heard.”

Some readers say that they have made a lot of calls to the FDNY, but that conditions persist. “We surely do not want to shut down Tiny’s, but also we do not want our block to burn down, as there are all historic buildings, with a lot of wood beams,” said one reader. “I see Tiny’s chimney’s exhaust from my windows, at eye level, and I witnessed most of the fires. Even without an actual fire, I witnessed sparks fly at night when the fireplaces are on, and of course dense smoke is a daily recurrence. I am not bothering to call Fire Dept. any longer as they seem to have a special relation with Tiny’s and they do not do anything.”

There are also complaints with the DOB, including one filed in April 2021 by the FDNY reporting a fireplace that created high hazard smoke conditions and did not appear on approved plans. But the DOB eventually resolved it — they were not admitted the first two visits by the restaurant manager but on their third time their report says the fireplace was vented and functioning properly. You can see all the DOB complaint records here.



  1. Well that record shows little regard for the well being of the neighborhood. It looks like just a question of time before a catastrophe. Tiny’s seems to be thumbing its nose at we the residents . And furthermore while at it what is the deal with their shed? Two pedestrians cannot pass by the shed and the fire hydrant walking adjacent. They have not left enough room on the sidewalk for any foot traffic. As Rodney Dangerfield would say “No respect”

  2. Thank you Fire Department for yet again going to Tinys to put out another fire. This restaurant seems to have no regard for the history of the neighboring homes or respect for the people living here now. Must be the owners are living in a safe neighborhood elsewhere where neighbors care about the people living next door. Please start caring before you care that you’re new residence may be behind bars.

  3. What gets me so upset about the yearly fires at Tiny’s is the lack of enforcement by Ladder 1. The DOB, DOT, DEP and Landmarks made Edwards,The Odeon ,Max and all the other historic buildings on West Broadway jump thru hoops to abide to the NYC rules and regulations.
    Why do they all turn a blind eye to Tiny’s?
    Tiny’s never got permission from Landmarks to install that aluminum chimney flue- which you can see from the street, or to paint over the original bricks on their facade a two tone pink – one flamingo and one pale pink -not Landmark colors!
    The DOT has several complaints about the sidewalk shed which is 4 feet from the fire hydrant and forces the foot traffic to step into the busy bike lane in order to get down the street, especially on garbage night.
    Why do the city agencies give Tiny’s a free pass?

  4. Why in God’s name is this place still open? It is a safety hazard! NYC DOB or FDNY- do something!

  5. I filed complaints with FDNY about the danger posed by Tiny, and they were dismissed. The restaurant in addition to all the complaints listed above has only one means of egress from the prep kitchen in the basement. I pointed out to the FDNY but they decided that is OK. If a fire breaks in the restaurant the workers in the basement will be trapped. The second means of egress is covered by the outside seating shed.
    Why NYC laws do not apply to this restaurant?