Zucker’s will run the kiosk in Bogardus Plaza

The owners of Zucker’s Bagels will run the kiosk that was just installed this weekend in Bogardus Plaza. It will be called Z Eatz, and will offer — among other things — bagels, hot dogs, pizza, egg & cheese sandwiches, soft serve, avocado toast and La Colombe coffee. It’s scheduled to open this spring.

Matt Pomerantz opened the original Zucker’s Bagels on Chambers in 2007. Along with his business partner, Dan Pace, he has since opened five bagel shops throughout Manhattan with another new shop opening soon near Bryant Park.

Pomerantz lives with his family in Tribeca, and Pace has also lived here, so they were especially interested in adding the Bogardus spot to their list.

The Friends of Bogardus Plaza will be planning a series of music and art events with Church Street School in the spring, as well as a big block party. Stay tuned.



  1. OOooOoo, Love this!! In the mornings I’m out with my dog. This gives more options for good coffee and breakfast offerings (and lunch options for our afternoon walks!!). I also like the location, allowing for more space/lines (The sidewalk for Jack’s can get a little crowded and the scaffolding around Zuckers eats up the entire sidewalk)

  2. So…adding an eyesore of a metal kiosk in a wonderful open square that took years of construction is the solution? There are already plenty of choices for coffee and food in the neighborhood. Why adding an ugly kiosk in a city that is already lacking open space? Totally useless and frankly ugly.
    I’ll be curious to see the amount of garbage left every day….

  3. I love Zucker’s. I just wish the original store on Chambers didn’t close so early. I hope they have Lox or spreads with the bagels at the Kiosk.

  4. With all the design talent in the nabe, I find it hard to believe that this cube, which resembles a port-o-San, and has no reference
    to the well constructed sight lines of the park, is the result.
    Was there no thought about how it would actually look ?
    There are so many models of great looking kiosks …..why this?
    Not a fan.

  5. This is much more exciting than the generic “candy and soda” kiosk we have feared as residence of this intersection, but I am sincerely hoping that this does not displace the good morning cart which can normally be found at the corner. That would be a huge loss to the plaza

  6. Why offer the same menu when the store is only a few hundred feet away? Is there really that much demand for bagels and breakfast sandwiches? Would be nice to lease the space to a small start ups to bring in some diversity. The neighborhood feels so devoid of fresh, healthy prepared food.