Farm.One is on the brink of closing

This is an sad situation and I am posting here because there really is nothing like Farm.One in the city, and they are right here in Tribeca, in the basement of 77 Worth.

I’ve written about them a couple times — it’s an indoor organic farm that was first created to sell specialized microgreens to restaurants and bars. When the pandemic hit, they pivoted quickly to a subscriber model and made a go of it — managing to stay afloat. They also started building out a farm in Brooklyn. But after they were told to expect a PPP payout, they were disqualified since the founder is Australian.

So they are fundraising on the platform Wefunder, and there’s a deadline: they need commitments by Friday or they have to shut the whole thing down. (They crowdfunded in 2018 raised $500K and was oversubscribed.)

Farm.One is a for-profit company, and I have not done any diligence to see what their books look like. HOWEVER, I know this community supports small business and the idea of local food — so I thought this would strike a chord.

Wishing them luck.



  1. Oh no! We get weekly deliveries from them: absolutely great!

  2. Local, sustainable, top quality product. I’ve invested and am holding out hope.

  3. What a shame this is. We also have been having deliveries for quite a while and have enjoyed their fresh, mixed and tasty produce. This has all the boxes ticked, sustainable, healthy, affordable and great quality. I hope some ‘angel’ can come along and invest in them.

  4. This is sad news. Great product and service which we signed up for after seeing a story about it here at TC. Hope they find funding.