Seen & Heard: Book Nook is celebrating a decade

Book Nook Enrichment, the children’s spot for the exploration and celebration of reading on Warren, is celebrating its 10th anniversary (they opened first on the UWS; ours was opened in 2017) by donating 10,000 books to the Brooklyn Book Bodega — which has a mission to increase the number of 100+ book homes for kids 0-18 in NYC. They will use their own resources for donations, but are also enlisting the help of neighbors. You can drop off new or gently used books at 23 Warren. It’s a great idea.

A. wrote to say she witnessed a man run out of Bed Bath & Beyond with an armful of stuff, as the store clerks ran after him screaming, “Bring it back now.” A few shopkeepers have told me that shoplifting is at a all-time high. A worker behind the counter at Duane Reade in Fidi said it’s a daily occurrence, and people just brazenly walk out of the store. Ugh.

Wolf Play at Soho Rep. has been extended through March 20. It runs Tuesday to Sunday at 7:30p, and Saturdays at 3p. You can see it for 99¢ on Sunday 2/27 and 3/6 at 7:30p. It’s gotten some good reviews. From The Times: “Thrilling…probing and playful…[Wolf Play] suggests there’s an animality connecting us that transcends gendered social scripts; kinship and love are wild and don’t play by any rules.”

The reader known as Hudson River sent a note to say that the small plaza has opened on the east side of One World Trade Center, between it and the Perelman PAC. Not much going on yet, but at least it’s an additional passageway to use through the WTC.




  1. The last two times I have shopped at Target, shoplifters have just walked out the door with hundreds of dollars in merchandise. The last time two men each walked out with 4 or 5 comforters. The employees didn’t even react. I can’t blame them, it is not worth them risking getting hurt in a confrontation but it is very disturbing that this is going on so blatantly.

  2. Sorry but: what does BLM have to do with it? Really inappropriate to just toss in that reference. Are the people you’ve seen shoplifting saying”BLM” to you? I suspect not. It is not the practice of BLM to shoplift or loot. (Not to riot or burn down cities either, as is so often portrayed by right wing politicians and media.)

  3. It has been probably a year or so since I was standing in line at our own Duane Reade “by Walgreens” on Greenwich and Harrison and witnessed a group of local teens nonchalantly roller skate in (after school, it seemed) and help themselves to snacks and drinks off the shelves and skate right out. All of us on line looked at each other in amazement as the staff were all doing nothing at all but clearly saw the whole thing.

    When it was my turn at the counter 15 long minutes later, I asked to speak to the manager and she (obviously annoyed at me interrupting her from playing on her phone) snapped at me: “What do you want me to do about it?”

    @Sara Ross – these were definitely local Tribeca kids and not “BLM” protestors or supporters (of anything but their own selfish selves)…. LOL

  4. Here’s a tip: if you ever find yourself starting a sentence with ‘I’m not racist,” just stop typing, delete what you wrote, and think long and hard about why you feel the way you do.