New Kid on the Block: Hello! Vietpho

This is a fun addition to the neighborhood, especially since we lost Mangez Avec Moi to the failed construction project that is 65 West Broadway and Vietspot to the pandemic.

Hello! Vietpho is a quick-turnaround Vietnamese sandwich and soup shop — the kind of place that I didn’t think bothered to open in Tribeca any more. I stopped by to grab the summer rolls and a bánh mì and both were about right in quality for the price. I would note that the baguette was a lot — I would eat that open faced, or see if I could order something with more veg to go with all that bread. But the summer rolls with peanut sauce on the side were crisp, tasty and clearly made on the spot. The pho (noodle soups) went by to a group of men sitting at a table and they looked great served in large ceramic bowls. (There are just three tables inside with cafeteria chairs, very bare bones but serviceable.)

What was really a surprise was the price: I can’t remember the last time I used one single $20 bill to get lunch for two.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the forward-thinking packaging: the sandwich was in a glassine sleeve, and the summer roll was in a compostable container (though they could have just given it to me wrapped in saran wrap, as it was.

NB that if you are one of those people for whom cilantro tastes like soap, you will have to place a special order.

PS: The owners said to mention that they cater.

Hello! Vietpho
63A Reade | Broadway and Church
Weekdays 10:30a to 8p
Weekends 11a to 6p



  1. Best of luck to them!

  2. I ordered from them for takeout the other week after you wrote about them opening. I agree that the prices and portions are great! We got the pho with raw beef which is sliced so thin that it cooked instantly when we poured the steaming hot broth on top. We will be back and often!