Seen & Heard: Terra’s new “across the street”

More soon when I can go by for a bite, but in the meantime, R. sent the menu for the new pizza restaurant in the old Attraversa space, Sagra Pizza Bar, which opened a few days ago and doesn’t even have a sign up yet. As before, it is run by the folks from Terra, and looks adorable inside. (Plus, they were handing out free slices on the street yesterday afternoon. What’s better than that?)

Well, maybe a sixteenth of a mile. Lyft expanded the Citi Bike dock at Chambers and West streets in front of Stuy. It’s gargantuan, but probably a good idea since they are no longer using the valet service at that spot. (Citi Bike reduced valet services in the colder months, and right now there are only eight in the whole system; Greenwich and N. Moore is one of them.)

The Department of Design and Construction told the CB1 Quality of Life Committee that the construction on Vestry Street should be done by May. Here’s hoping.

There’s still time to comment on the city’s plan for congestion pricing, aka the Central Business District Tolling Program. The MTA will keep the comment period open till April 27 (thanks to J. for the note on this). I will explain further in a post soon. Comment here.



  1. Pizza Bar looks super sweet.

  2. Pretty sure I just passed a Sagra Pizza Bar in the West Village, on Carmine. Didn’t realize the connection to Terra.

  3. too many citi bike racks invade our quiet neighborhood.
    I can understand adding some new location but not the whole block like between Franklin and N.Moore on Hudson street.
    Garbage all in front on the bikes, no access to cars loading and unloading.
    Space in important for the convenience of many who uses car service when visiting that side of the street.
    Please remove at least half of the stations. Give back our quality of life you took away.

    • Upset citi biker — It’s unlikely that they will remove 1/2 the stations, but if you’re persistent, and assuming you live in one of the blocked buildings, you can get them to remove several stations to allow loading/unloading access in front of your door. Check out 16 Hudson between Duane and Reade for an example. (And pray that they don’t decide you have a wide enough sidewalk that they decide to put racks on the sidewalk like they did on the north end of the block recently). 2 years ago the contact was Jesse Cabrera at NYC DOT – use the email

    • citi bikes are massively popular and successful. lessening our reliance on cars is extremely important for the city and is an opportunity for an urban renaissance. moreover, keep the covid cabanas and jack up congestion taxes across the board. rip off the band-aid and get public transport cranking.

      as i understand your concern, the messiness is less of a gripe than the inconvenience. i would suggest a small investment in a cart to assist with the slightly longer walk. expecting the evolution of one of the biggest cities in the world to fit outmoded needs isn’t going to work.

  4. Yippee, new pizza place!! Yippee more CitiBikes. A win win for this pizza eating CitiBiker…let’s all help save the plant.