In the News: Keeping rents down in BPC

Curbed has a long story and a good explainer about the effort in Battery Park City to keep the rents affordable, or at least closer to middle class than the way they are going. “The Coalition and the Battery Alliance, an activist group of homeowners that is ‘fighting to save affordable homeownership in Battery Park City,’ characterize the current ground rents as exorbitant, but say they’re not looking to reduce rents, just to limit future increases to a reasonable level.”

Brownstoner has some images of the interesting concrete building Tribeca Pediatrics owner Michel Cohen has built as a gallery space in Red Hook. “The space will host art exhibitions, music performances, film screenings and other events. There will be a bar and yakitori grilled food, Cohen told Brownstoner in 2019.”

G. sent a story from The Times about the Amazonification of Whole Foods and wondered, “Are we next?” Here’s how shopping goes in D.C.: “I scanned both hands on a kiosk and linked them to my Amazon account. Then I hovered my right palm over the turnstile reader to enter the nation’s most technologically sophisticated grocery store. For the next 30 minutes, I shopped. Cameras and sensors recorded each of my moves, creating a virtual shopping cart for me in real time. Then I simply walked out, no cashier necessary. Whole Foods — or rather Amazon — would bill my account later.”

Yimby gets a better view than I did of the Tin Building at the Seaport, the future (soon) home of Jean-Georges expansive food court.



  1. Visit an Amazon Go store anywhere in NYC to experience the cashierless checkout before it comes to our WF. It is a great experience, and it can’t come soon enough.

  2. I would never go into an Amazon Go store. 1984 here we come.

  3. That Tribeca, with its explosion of citizens and families, does not have a proper supermarket anymore is truly disgusting. Have you tried to buy Ajax or Shweppes tonic at Whole Foods?

    • If you think it is such a great opportunity you should go for an open a Supermarket . . .

    • There’s also Gourmet Garage on Broadway. Selection is quite good for a much smaller market than Whole Foods.
      Although, unfortunately, they’ve gone to self-service checkout also; I much preferred the friendly interactions with the cashiers. So it goes.

  4. Amazon also seems to be converting whole categories of food at our Tribeca store to their private label. I don’t like that we have few alternatives to Amazon’s monolithic commercial creep.