Homeless man found dead on Murray

A man was found dead tonight while in his sleeping bag on Murray and Greenwich, just under the southern windows of Chipotle. The crime is still under investigation, but police say the victim was male, possibly homeless, with a gun shot wound and was DOA when they were called to the scene at 6:30p.

UPDATE AS OF MONDAY MORNING: Police now report that upon arrival, “officers discovered a 43-year-old male with an injury to his right leg. EMS responded and pronounced the male deceased. The Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death.”

His death does not appear suspicious at this time and the investigation remains ongoing.

On Sunday night there were several departments on the scene, including the Port Authority police, the medical examiner and a good 25 officers.

Neighbors who walk their dogs late at night are assuming the victim was the youngish man with the dreadlocks who begs in front of Target — he always sleeps in that spot. Curtis, the man who sets up during the day at the Whole Foods corner and who usually sleeps in front of the dry cleaner on Greenwich or around the corner on Warren, was not on the sidewalk tonight.

Police are also seeking a man who shot two homeless men early Saturday morning in Soho. The first man was shot in front of 54 King Street just off Varick; he was expected to survive. About an hour later, the same shooter killed a man in his sleeping bag in front of 148 Lafayette at Howard. The Post reported that surveillance video showed that “the suspect kicked the sleeping man, looked around to see if anyone was watching, then pulled out a gun and shot him at point-blank range in the head.” The victim was discovered dead 12 hours later.



  1. This is absolutely horrible!. I’m so sorry for this poor man.
    Do we know if he was actually shot at 6:30pm? Or just found dead at that time? I cannot imagine someone would pull out a gun in broad daylight on that street. The post is reporting he was found dead at 6:30pm.

  2. His name was Chuck and he was supposedly a very kind man. We would pass him in the morning when we drop the kids off at school and he always kept to himself. He never bothered anyone. My son would say hi to him in the morning. My heart breaks for him. Nobody deserves to die this way. I hope they find the person who did this.

  3. How do you talk to your kids about this. We walked by every day as well and interacted at times with Chuck. He was always nice. He did not deserve this.

  4. Absolutely heartbreaking and makes me sick to my stomach. Reminder to other commenters to please not discuss the location of other homeless regulars in the neighborhood as they are not safe especially right now with this killer on the loose.

  5. This is very sad news. If you’ve ever taken the time to talk to some of the homeless people, you will hear some interesting stories. While some may have made poor decisions, many have just had bad luck, timing, situations. We talked with one lady who said her husband passed away from an illness. She lost him and her home. I hope they find the killer soon!

  6. I spoke to the offers and they said this was not a violent death but assuming of natural causes. They said this was not a shooting or stabbing as alleged on the citizen ap. This was a lovely kind man who died named Chuck – he was as very kind, not on drugs and a very good human.

  7. Apparently they are not sure how he died – reports are being updated. You may want to update the headline until verified.

    NYTimes “The police initially said the man appeared to have died of a gunshot but later said the cause of death had not been determined. It is not clear if his death is linked to the five shootings.”


    And NY Daily News:

    • I did already. And yes, police said last night he had a gunshot wound, as I reported. This morning they said injury to his leg.

      • Thank you – it’s unfortunate that the initial police reporting was wrong; PS234 sent an email to all parents this morning stating that he was shot. I hope they got the update before school started…that’s a lot to unwind.

  8. serial killer in our midst, terrifying

  9. Eyewitness News at 12pm is reporting the homeless person who died on Murray & Greenwich was not shot. The gentleman may have died from a drug OD or some other cause, it is NOT linked to the shootings by this serial killer who’s preying on the homeless in the City.. autopsy will be performed. 🙏🏼

  10. So terrible. What is wrong with us that we can’t find a solution to homelessness in this very rich and powerful city? The city’s strategy is so out of date. Shelters are not the answer. Housing is. When homeless ppl are housed and get services they can be transformed and become productive citizens. The city needs to get the advice of Rosanne Haggerty of Community Solutions based in NYC. Her org’s national effort has helped many cities start solving this problem.

  11. Everyone there has been news that it was not may not have been Chuck. Chuck sometimes works cleaning office buildings on Saturday and Sunday night. So there is still some hope right now for Chuck.

  12. Chuck is his name. He is not “homeless man”. He has an identity, he lived a life, and people who lives he’s touched. Please don’t identify him as homeless man or make assumptions on the many stories that the news stations falsely report.

    May Chuck Rest In Peace. He is deeply missed.

  13. Loa Angeles is buying housing for homeless people . 800 000 dollars per unit. beach property next to very progressive reach people. Only developers and politicians who received kickbacks are happy , everybody else are extremely unhappy.

  14. His name was Chuck Daly. He was a tattoo artist who had apprenticed in Japan. He was incredibly talented but more than that, he was a joy. He was funny, he was so clever and his energy was incomparable. There was nothing like a hangout with Chuck. He brought the best times, he brought the best music, he knew the most fun people. His name was Chuck Daly and he was a legend to those of us who loved him. And then we lost him. He got lost and he couldn’t come home. Every picture tells a story and that photo of the pile of blankets tells the saddest story. I can’t stop looking at it and thinking, this person was Chcuk Daly, he was the biggest grin, the funniest, the smirkiest, the best at story telling, the most authentic belly laughing, King of JC.

    • So sorry for your loss.

      Seems like you knew him well.
      Tragic that he got lost in life.

      Thank you for telling us a little bit about him.

    • I knew him for two years in Philadelphia and ran into him a few times in JC. He was all the things people say, an intelligent cheer filled and talented artist. A joy to be around every time you saw him.

  15. I remember him from high school in Wallington NJ, and though we never talked much he was always very pleasant and minded his own business which is very rare for high school. RIP Chuck Daly